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Feng Shui Meaning of Color

Colors / April 17, 2020

Feng shui is the art of equilibrium and stability. It is a method through which one can bring stability to their lives. Feng shui uses a combination of symbols, structure and color to bring all the necessary adjustment in a person's life. It is the belief that certain structures and items can actually build harmony among people and would also improve their condition. But feng shui is the best thing that you could do to improve your life, but only if you do it right. This can be achieved with the help of a few feng shui colors and some representation of vital feng shui elements as well.

Feng shui colors are really important because they are a representation of various elements. These different elements bring different positive elements into particular sphere. Before using feng shui symbols or any colors of feng shui, one just has to keep it in mind that these colors have to be used in the right places. Unless they are used in the right place, they would not bring any positive effect. In fact, putting the wrong symbol or the wrong sign somewhere could really promote some negative effects in the place.

So, here are some of the most important colors of feng shui and where they are used best.

  • Red

Signifies: The fire element, spirit of joy, excitement, sexual and sensual energy and romance. Red is one of the most significant colors of feng shui symbols. It is because of the fact that it is the color that symbolizes passion, strength and all the important powerful signs. The color red brings around energy, excitement, joy and even romance. It is quite good for people who want to promote romance or sexual desire between each other.
Red has been significant in many different feng shui cultures. In Chinese feng shui, red stands for luck and happiness.In Indian tradition, the symbolism stands for love, marriage and romance as well.

Use it in: The bedroom is the best place to use the color red. It promotes the sign of love and romance, and this is the best element that you have to keep in the bedroom.
Another place where you can keep the color red is in the office. It is also a sign of prosperity, so keeping it in the office could promote some amount of prosperity in there and increase the amount of money that you earn.

  • Yellow

Signifies: The fire element. Happiness, unity and prosperity
The color yellow signifies sunlight in Feng Shui. Natural light is always a really important concept in feng shui and the representation of sunlight is the next best thing, after actual sunlight. The color yellow can create a welcoming and positive feng shui energy in a house. This is the positive chi that can attract and maintain other people as well. The range of yellow that can be used ranges from mild yellow to sunflower bright yellow as well.

Use it in: This color is best used in the kitchen, for this is the place where your family's nourishment comes from. Adding the element of happiness and content at this stage would definitely help. Another place where you can use yellow is in children's room. Some people prefer to paint their living rooms yellow as well.
One can also use yellow flowers or yellow painting for decoration, if they don't want to repaint the whole house in this color.

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  • Blue

Signifies: The water element. The open skies, nature, tranquillity and peace.
Blue is one of the best feng shui colors, especially for people who are looking for some peace and calm in their lives. This feng shui color stands for the outside forces of nature- the sky and the ocean. It promotes inclusion of nature in one's life and it also promotes the peace and tranquillity associated with the same. The range of blues that can be used range from clear blue to aqua blue to deep blue. All these blue tones fork as colors of feng shui.
Blue is a wonderful color for health reasons as well.

Use it in: Blue is a good color for promoting health, so it is best to put it in living rooms or bedrooms. This is a color that is best used in the bagua regions of the room- these are the east, southest and the northern corners of the house.
If you don't want to paint your house that way, you can always just buy some blue flowers or decoration for your house.

  • Green

Signifies: The wood element. Energy, regeneration, renewal, nature and nourishment. Green is one of the best feng shui colors and the most important. This is one of the best ways through which a person can integrate nature into their lives through the feng shui color scheme. Green is the feng shui color for rejuvenation and renewal. It is amazing for people's health and it can also promote new beginnings. It is considered to be an inspirational color as well, for it draws power from the nature itself.