How to Incorporate Feng Shui For Bedroom: Creating a Calm & Serene

Feng Shui Bedding Color

Symbols / May 11, 2022

The yin/yang sign symbolizes balanced energy.The yin/yang sign symbolizes balanced energy.

Literally translated, "feng shui" means wind and water. Wind and water are the first two of five elements considered sacred in many Chinese spiritual traditions. Practitioners of feng shui seek to improve their lives by balancing these five elements in their environment and by balancing the yin and yang-or receptive and assertive energy-represented by the elements. Some home sellers use the principles of feng shui as a marketing tool to create a more pleasant atmosphere in the home. Color choice plays a large part in the philosophy of feng shui. Whether decorating for yourself or for potential buyers, calming yin colors are considered most appropriate for a bedroom.


In the feng shui philosophy, pink symbolizes love. A pink bedroom may reignite feelings of love and passion in a relationship. Use only light shades of pink in a bedroom and avoid shades with a red undertone, which change the energy from yin to yang. Do not use reddish-pink colors in the bedroom if you are prone to insomnia or mental restlessness at night, because red is a stimulating color.


White is the most neutral yin color and may be helpful when decorating a bedroom for resale. White represents a calm confidence. It is often used with more opulent embellishments of silver or gold to create a serene and poised atmosphere.


Light shades of blue appeal to the person who enjoys using her bedroom as a spiritual retreat. Blue is a yin color that promotes meditation, healing and relaxation. Feng shui also associates blue with a sense of exploration and adventure, because the sky and the sea are blue. However, couples who have difficulty with intimate communication or people who are prone to depression should not use blue in the bedroom.


Purple is the yin color most closely related with spiritual awareness. Light, blue-based shades of purple in a bedroom may promote mental and physical healing and spiritual growth. Avoid red-based shades of purple in order to minimize yang energy.