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Feng Shui back to door

Feng Shui Main Door / February 22, 2020

Whether you work at home or in an office, never sit with your back to the door, and try not to face a wall.

Facing a wall can make it seem as though you will never get ahead, as your progress is blocked.

If you do face a wall, and it is impossible to rearrange your desk, a mirror placed on the wall in front of you will help to some extent remedy the situation.

Many offices today have cubicles where people are all crowded together.

If this is the case and you must sit with your "back to the door, " a small mirror on the wall in front of you will allow you to see people approaching from behind.

You'll find this small adjustment will increase your comfort level.

It isn't conducive to good ch'i energy to work with your back to the door or to other people.

If your back is to the door or to other people, you are opening yourself up to get stabbed in the back.

Your back should not face a window, either, as you will not have the support you need. If this is not possible, keep the window covered with drapes or blinds, and place a large green plant by the window or in front of it.

You can also use a screen for the same purpose.

Never sit directly in front of your office door.

Try to sit at an angle so that you have a good view of the door, but are not directly in front of it.

If you work in a home or outside office, always try to sit facing your great prosperity direction.

If that is not possible, sit facing one of your three other good directions, preferably your overall harmony direction.

Place objects like a globe, in the proper directions in your office the same way you would in your home.

Source: dragonfengshui.blogspot.com