How To Overcome Challenges to Your Bedroom s Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Main Door / December 1, 2016

fortune"Traditional Cures" are used when you want to quickly redirect or disperse ch'i (ch'i being that invisible energy that we are trying to manipulate in our home for optimal results in our life). There are many different traditional cures, but, since most problems can be easily cured with a mirror, or a crystal, we have chosen to focus on these types of cures for now.

1. When you have a "poison arrow" directed at a location where you spend a lot of time.
A poison arrow is when two walls meet and form a corner within a room. This corner is poking into the room (It is not a typical 90 degree corner of a room pointing away). If you have a corner that points across your bed, the chair of your desk, or some other location where you spend a lot of time, you may want to disperse the ch'i before it gets to you.

Cure Placement: Hang the crystal from the ceiling directly in front of the corner in question. A 30mm crystal will usually do the trick, but if you have a very large room or extra tall ceiling, a 40mm may be better. Use your intuition as to which one you think you need. If you don't see results, you may need a larger one. If you want to add to this cure, hang the crystal from a nine inch red string.

2. When there is a long hall way with many doors.
Sometimes long hallways can seem like bowling alleys; narrow, boring and straight. This space in the home is judged as merely a functional way to get to the rooms off of the hall and not a "pleasant place to linger." If you don't want to linger there, then ch'i usually doesn't either. And since we want our entire home to be filled with "happy ch'i, " you can help out this situation with the use of a crystal.

Cure Placement: Hang a crystal from the ceiling somewhere in the hallway (maybe start in the center and see how that feels, then adjust accordingly if necessary) to slow down and disperse the ch'i. If two doors are directly across from each other in this hallway, try hanging the crystal in the center of the hall where these doors are located.

3. When there is a door in line with your bed or desk chair and you don't want to or can't move your bed or desk.
If you walked through the door and continued to walk straight ahead, would you eventually run into your bed or office chair? If so, you could use a crystal to disperse or slow down the ch'i, so it doesn't negatively affect your health.

Cure Placement: Hang a crystal from the ceiling somewhere between the doorway and the bed or chair with the intention that the ch'i disperse around the room and not stay in a single straight line.

4. When you have steps descending down towards you as you enter the front door.
This is the classic feng shui problem that most people who only know a little about feng shui seem to know: you don't want the steps in the house to descend down from the second floor and deposit you in front of the front door. A lot of the home's vital energy is being lost if this is the case.

Cure Placement: Hang a crystal from the ceiling somewhere between the closest step and the front door.

1. When you want to reflect something negative away from you.
If there is a "poison arrow" (a building corner, for example) from another building outside your home or office pointing directly at you inside your home or office, you may want to use a mirror to deflect that strong energy away. You can also deflect such things like circular driveways, streets...