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Feng Shui Kua Number Calculator

Symbols / March 30, 2021

Kua Number 4: N (best), S, E, SENW, SW, W, NE (worst)
Kua Number 6: W (best), NE, SW, NW SE, E, N, S (worst)
Kua Number 7: NW (best), SW, NE, W N, S, SE, E (worst)
Kua Number 8: SW (best), NW, W, NE S, N, E, SE (worst)
Kua Number 9: E (best), SE, N, S NE, W, SW, NW (worst)
How to use this information:

Knowing your personal best and worst directions can help with decisions regarding where to position a bed or a desk, and which home or business location may be best for you. Please remember that this calculation IS NOT the most important consideration in having good feng shui!! If you're not or cannot live, sleep or work in one of your best directions, it is not the end of the world! There are many, many other factors to consider in creating optimal feng shui in your home or business than whether or not you are positioned in alignment with your best directions. Knowing your best directions is just one more tool among many that can be used to help with the flow of energy in your home or business.

For example, once you determine your best directions using the calculator and information below, you may want to look at how your bed is positioned. It is crucial to remember that the most important consideration when determining your bed position is whether or not you can see the door when lying down, and not be in direct line with it. This is by far more important than whether or not you're pointing one of your best directions. In other words, you wouldn't put your bed in some awkward, crazy position just to be pointing one of your positive directions because you wouldn't sleep well, and that defeats the purpose of having good feng shui. I personally don't sleep in one of my positive directions because there is only one wall the bed can go on that allows me to lie down and still have a clear view of the door. If I had more than one choice in my bedroom, I would defer to my better direction, but the way my room is laid out with consideration of the windows, doors, bathroom, etc. there is only one wall that allows me to be able to see the door, and that wall just happens to place the head of my bed in a direction that isn't favorable for me. In my case, I am very diligent to make sure that the rest of the feng shui in my home is as excellent as possible, which has worked wonders in my life in spite of not sleeping in one of my best directions.
On the other hand, let's say there are two different walls for the head of the bed to go on and both are good in relationship to seeing the door but not being in line with the door and one is a positive direction for you and one is a negative direction, you would want to defer to your better
direction. Children seem more sensitive to this than adults and children's bedrooms usually have more options for bed placement than master bedrooms, so you may want to double check your child's sleeping directions to see if their bed placement is optimized. For more information about bed positioning, refer to the section on bedrooms in Feng Shui that Makes Sense.
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