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Feng Shui Address Calculator

Symbols / June 6, 2020

Calculate your feng shui house number to find out it's numerology significance.

According to feng shui, each number has an essence and a spiritual energy or vibration that influences the lives of those who live and work in the house.

feng shui house number

Take the numbers of your address and add them together...

For example, if your address is 710 James Street, you would add 7+1+0=8 so your house number would be an Eight vibration.

If the total number is more than 9 then add those numbers together until you reach a number nine or less...

For example, if your address is 783 Town Way, you would add 7+8+3=18; then add the numbers of the total together - 1+8=9. So the numerology would be a Nine vibration.

If you live in a block of flats and the flats has a numbered street address and your individual flat has a number, you are more affected by your individual flat number.

If your address has a letter in it, for example 328C Ivy Lane, convert the letter to a number (A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on)... So 328C Ivy Lane would convert to 3+2+8+3(c)=16; 1+6=7.

If your house doesn't have a number and only a name, you can still calculate feng shui house numbers... work out the individual letter-number equivalents and then reduce to a single number. For example, OWL HOUSE would be 6+5+3+8+6+3+1+5=37 and then 3+7=10... OWL HOUSE = 10

Now that you know the single digit vibration of your feng shui house number...

for information to help you understand the particular numerology of your home...

For example, a 'six' vibration would be good for someone seeking harmony and a sanctuary whilst 'four' energy encourages a highly social and service-orientated kind of life.

Have a look at our for cool ideas to add a feng shui feel to your home. Go to 'Categories' and click on 'Feng Shui Your Home' and have fun choosing!