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Symbols / April 16, 2022

Inner Feng Shui Eastern Astrology

“Fate is never completely settled.”—Chinese Proverb

The purpose of the four-pillar analysis is to help you understand the elements of the universe under which you were born and how they interact with your environment. The four pillar Eastern Astrology profile can be compared with the Western Astrology for a balance of how you approach life.

The four-pillar chart is based upon your date of birth, your time of birth, and your place of birth. This interaction of elements can predict your destiny. The four-pillar chart enables you to understand the yearly trends in your life and allows you to understand and create choices and courses of action.

4 Pillars Chart

Eastern astrology accepts as truth that when a body is born onto this Earth, it becomes in perfect harmony with the earth’s environment at the exact second it was exposed to the elements of that day and time by absorbing those elements of that moment into the body.

The combination of those elements are then carried with you throughout your life. This body chemistry, like your birthday, can never be changed. It is your destiny. However, the thing you can adjust is the Feng Shui of the environment in which you reside.

The calculations of the four-pillar analysis can help pinpoint the exact amounts of the elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) born within the body. A perfect balance of 20 percent for each of these elements may be ideal; however, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. It becomes extremely important to balance the out-of-balance elements with other factors within your body or your environment throughout your life.

You can do this through color, food, clothing, furnishings, and people. This is why one may thrive better in the heat vs. the cold or why one prefers the color red to the color blue. This is also why we prefer one type of person to another. Your elemental balance becomes your energy field or force field inherently looking for survival and balance among the elements. The four-pillar profile may also be called inner feng shui. It is imperative before feng shui is added to your environment to research and comprehend what your own personal body makeup elements are because an over or under balance in the elements can cause stress upon the mind, body, and spirit.

Eastern astrology charts are similar to the Western astrology readings but are different in the calculations to achieve the readings. Do not confuse the two. However, the Eastern charts and the Western charts can be compared and researched further to help you understand your behaviors.

Each profile chart contains four pillars (hour, day, month, and year) and a Ming Gua. Each pillar has a purpose and effect upon our life and destiny.

The Ming Gua element is the element of purpose and how you respond to pressure as an adult. It is the fate and destiny that will help you develop these skills. For example, Michael Jordan, a talented athlete, developed basketball skills, and Bill Gates, an intellectual, developed computer and business skills. Each element holds a piece of the puzzle to our fortune.

The hour pillar is your inner self and emotions, that part which is private to you. The day pillar is the master self or body of self. The month pillar holds our parental influences, tribal history, and DNA programming and imprinting. It helps you understand what supported you in your development. The year pillar is the outer self and how you appear to others through your personality and responses. The luck pillars of the four pillars are a ten-year cycle that fluctuates with the year of the animal calendar as well.

There are many free programs available on the internet, however, some of them have not proven accurate. For an accurate chart and reading consult a qualified Feng Shui practitioner with a background in the 4 pillar studies.