How To Use Color Green in Feng Shui

Bagua Feng Shui Color

Colors / May 27, 2020

Color is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your home or office in order to create good feng shui. However, working with color can be a bit tricky (as many interior decorators and feng shui enthusiasts will sure attest to).

While finding the right feng shui colors for your space is really easy - as you can see in our best feng shui colors list below - it might take a bit of work to make a specific color work harmoniously in your space.

Color is alive and its good feng shui presence in y...MOREour home or office is dependant on many factors, two of the main ones being the quality of light in your home and the surrounding colors in your home decorating.

The feng shui color tips here will help you define your main color scheme in order to create good energy, and then be sure to play and experiment until you find that very right color for your home!

Best Feng Shui Color Choices are Based on the 5 Elements Feng Shui Theory

In feng shui, each color is considered to be an expression of one of the 5 feng shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of these 5 elements "governs" a specific area of your home (according to the feng shui energy map of your space called bagua). When your choice of color is focused on strengthening and nourishing the feng shui element of the area you are decorating, this results in good feng shui energy.