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Best Feng Shui colors

Colors / May 7, 2020

The best Feng Shui colors for a south-facing entrance will be the color red, among others. Get tips on the best Feng Shui colors for a south-facing entrance with help from the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter, a Feng Shui e-zine for wealth, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kathryn Weber and I write the DIY column, Living Space. And today, we're talking about the best Feng Shui colors for a south-facing entrance. If your home faces south and you want to give it good Feng Shui, then you want to employ the color red. Red is associated with fire and the south, it's also associated with your name, your social standing, how many friends you have, even fame. So, if you like to boost any or all of those things, red is your go-to color. And since you have a south facing entrance, red would be perfectly harmonious there. Now, what if you don't really like red, maybe you don't care for that color very much. You've got a range of choices when it comes to Feng Shui colors that are best for a south facing entrance. And that can range from the lightest, palest shell pink, all the way through red, bright red to deepest burgundy, even purple. Even some colors of orange would be perfectly fine. Now, maybe all of those colors don't, still don't appeal to you. Let's talk about another color range that you have to choose from. Fire is made by putting wood and lighting it on fire. So, when you put wood onto a fire, it helps the fire grow. So, you have an option in decorating with your south facing entrance, to paint it a color that's harmonious with fire, which is wood. And wood can range from the palest green, all the way to the deepest brown. So, if you want to have an entrance that maybe feels a little bit cooler, a little bit calmer and more relaxing. Then, go for the nature colors o green and brown. Those two colors will feed the wood energy or the wood energy will feed the fire energy of the south facing entrance, be perfectly harmonious and will look great too. Now, if you have, say for instance, an entrance that you're a little bit uncertain about. Gauge your colors based on the sunlight. So, for instance, if you have a south facing entrance and you have a lot of sunlight, and it's very bright. Adding a bright red in here might feel overwhelming. Remember Feng Shui is about balance, so you want to strike the happy balance. Too much fire can burn a house down, as they say. So, what you want to do instead, maybe opt for those colors of nature, such as the green or the brown. this way you're still harmonious and even productive, but it doesn't overwhelm your entrance way or feel too bright or feel too much fire energy. So, there you have it, a couple of different choices of color for a south facing entrance way. I'm Kathryn Weber, thanks for watching.