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What is Feng Shui House?

House / May 17, 2018

In times and places where there is a great demand for houses it doesn’t usually take long to find a buyer. At other times and places they can "stick around" for longer than we'd like.

There can be lots of reasons for that, most of which your Estate Agent (or Realtor if you're in the USA or Canada) can advise you on much better than I. Things such as realistic pricing (I don't mean "rock bottom", just realistic - the going rate for your house plus some negotiating room), properly presented (there are any number of books and TV programs about how to do that, but a minimum subset is "clean, neat and tidy"). It also helps if your house has one or more “unique selling point” (be it the fantastic view, the new kitchen and/or bathroom, the fantastic garden, proximity to the tube station or whatever.

But what if all of that has been in place for a while but no offers for your home are forthcoming?

In that case it's entirely possible that the cause is in the feng shui, and even if the feng shui isn't causing it, there are still a few feng shui tricks that can be used to help "shift" it.

There are several feng shui influences which can help or hinder a sale, and harnessing them to help is usually quite easy, providing you know what to do, where to do it and in some cases when to do it.

That’s where I can be useful to you.

I can assess your home and advise you of what feng shui changes to make to help it to sell.

There are also good and bad times to put a house up for sale, and I can advise on those as well, if you’re still at the planning stage for your sale (i.e. You don't have to wait until it's been on the market for months not selling before you consider using feng shui to help. You can make use of the feng shui as part of your sales strategy from day one).

Source: www.fengshui-consultants.co.uk