What is Feng Shui and How Can It Help You

What is Feng Shui Definition?

Symbols / March 23, 2022

(in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

  • ‘On the coffee table in the sitting room there is a well-thumbed sports psychology book lying next to a book about feng shui - both of which he denies ownership of.’
  • ‘The computer-generated characters will be drawn using the principles of feng shui by juxtaposing light and color.’
  • ‘Behind, the island rises steeply with olive- and cypress-covered hills, but this place doesn't have feng shui.’
  • ‘Kanyu is the essence of feng shui; feng shui without kanyu is like a body without a spirit.’
  • ‘These nominees promise that feng shui will promote health, wealth and well-being if incorporated in the design or decor of buildings.’
  • ‘The ambience is totally American, but Chinese feng shui may be the secret to the restaurant's success.’
  • ‘They've also incorporated elements of feng shui into the design and the elements earth, water, fire and air crop up throughout the house.’
  • ‘The root of your problems may be in the design of your home, say practitioners of feng shui.’
  • ‘And the Getty Museum not only isn't arranged by feng shui, they've never even heard of it.’
  • ‘It is good feng shui if a building is encircled by streets or on a curved road.’
  • ‘Next you'll be running courses on astrology, dowsing and feng shui.’
  • ‘It suddenly dawned on me that feng shui is not a martial art, but the Chinese art of arranging furniture and household objects in a harmonious fashion.’
  • ‘I also found out on Friday that the entire office I worked in was shaped like a giant yin yang - it's all to do with feng shui, apparently.’
  • ‘You think about feng shui in terms of the way energy moves through a space.’
  • ‘I've heard that according to feng shui these types of deviations affect the energy flow in a house.’
  • ‘You've got an eye for design and a knack for feng shui.’
  • ‘Edinburgh-based interiors expert Alistair Warner can help with everything from feng shui to colour theory and textile design.’
  • ‘The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has been harnessed to create harmony.’
  • ‘I am trying to balance some energies in my home and have looked at a few systems to do this, feng shui, witchcraft, dowsing… etc.’
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Source: en.oxforddictionaries.com