What Is a Feng Shui Kua Number?

Feng Shui West Group

Symbols / August 23, 2022

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes certain specific laws to balance the different energies of life to help a person do better. Kua numbers are an important aspect of Feng Shui and its knowledge is effectively used to improve lives.

Kua numbers are determined using one's birth date and gender. This term is pronounced as 'Gua' in Chinese. A Kua number is special to a person, and it helps in determining his/her governing directions. Some of these directions are auspicious while some are inauspicious. Both these set of directions are clearly mentioned in one's Kua number. This helps people who know their Kua number to make some Feng Shui adjustments that are specifically targeted at his/her well-being.

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In Feng Shui it is considered that there are various energies dwelling in Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin). These energies can be organized in a certain way which will help in decreasing the stress in life and also make it better.

According to Feng Shui, all people belong to two groups which are viz., East group and West group. The Kua numbers belonging to each group are:

  • East group : 1, 3, 4 and 9
  • West group : 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8

In general, people belonging to East group will be in advantageous positions if they face the four East group directions that are favorable. They are North, South, East and Southeast directions.

On the other hand, those belonging to the West group will benefit from the West group directions such as West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast directions.

More specifically each Kua number is associated with a total of 8 directions, 4 of which are auspicious and 4 of which are inauspicious.

Sheng Chi/ Prosperity Direction:

This direction signifies prosperity, good fortune and tremendous success. Businessmen especially should tap in this direction to advance their wealth acquisition.

Tien Yi/ Health Direction:

This direction is best for one to improve their health. If one is suffering from any ailment they should sleep in this direction.

Nien Yen/ Romance Direction:

This direction helps in building long-lasting relationships. One should tap into this particular direction to enhance relationships, whether romantic or not.

This direction can help those who intend to end bad relationships. Also, one can place their work desk in this direction that will help them build strong relationships with colleagues.

Also couples may position their bed in the husband's romance direction to have a long- lasting relationship.

Fu Wei/ Personal Growth direction:

This direction calms down all the energies and helps in furthering one's personal development.

Huo Hai/ Bad luck direction:

This direction leads to struggles and then failure. It brings hardships and bad luck to a person's life.

Wu Gui/ Five Ghosts direction:

This direction brings in negative energy that leads to deceit and backstabbing. It causes misunderstanding and furor in the life of those who use this direction.

Liu Sha/ Six Killings direction:

This direction spoils all relationships be it personal or professional. It can also injure a person through robbery and accident. It also leads to legal issues which could be related to theft or divorce.

Jueh Ming/ Total Loss direction:

This direction is considered the most dangerous of all directions and thus should be avoided. It spreads harmful energies that may disrupt one's career and prosperity. This direction may give rise to relationship problems, business failure, and ailments.

Below are mentioned the eight Kua numbers, and their lucky and unlucky directions.

Kua #1
  • Lucky directions: Southeast, East, South, North
  • Unlucky directions: West, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest
Kua #2
  • Lucky directions: Northeast, West, Northwest, Southwest
  • Unlucky directions: East, Southeast, South, North
Kua #3
  • Lucky directions: South, North, Southeast, East
  • Unlucky directions: Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, West
Kua #4
  • Lucky directions: North, South, East, Southeast
  • Unlucky directions: Northwest, Southwest, West, Northeast
Kua #5

Kua number five signifies the center. Males whose Kua number is five will follow Kua number 2. Females who have Kua number five will follow Kua number 8.

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