Annual 2017 Feng Shui Updates for the Western Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui Western Bagua

Symbols / December 13, 2020

The Western bagua map (also called the BTB feng shui school bagua) is really easy to define and apply in your home or office. All you need is the floor plan of your space, as well as additional paper and pencils. Using tracing paper often makes it easier to define your Western home or office bagua.

But first, do you know what the Western/BTB bagua is and how it differs from the Classical bagua?

Here is how to define your Western/BTB school feng shui bagua map in 3 steps.

Step 1. Create a grid with nine squares (or rectangles) that will fit over your home or office floor plan. Using tracing paper of the same size as your floor plan can make it much easier.

Step 2. Once you have your grid ready, superimpose it over your floor plan by aligning the bottom row of your grid with the wall of your front door.

Step 3. Assign each of the 9 squares (or rectangles) to the following feng shui areas:

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
The lower part (bottom row) of the BTB bagua map is always aligned with the wall of the front door, so your front door will be in one of these three bagua areas:

* Spirituality and Personal Growth
* Career and Path in Life
* Helpful People and Blessings

Middle Row (Left to Right)
* Health and Family
* Center (Heart of Home)
* Children and Creativity

Upper Row (Left to Right)
* Wealth & Abundance
* Fame and Reputation
* Love and Marriage

Once you know the areas of your home or office that belong to specific areas of your life, you can start applying proper feng shui cures and improve the quality of energy in your home. Note that you can always use any cure from the classical, or traditional feng shui schools (maybe with just the exception of the annual feng shui cures, as this can be very confusing to apply with the BTB school).

The way to find the best feng shui cures for any area of your Western home bagua is to look for cures recommended by the classical school for the same bagua area (just ignore the directions since they are not taken into consideration in the Western bagua).

Now, do you really need to apply the bagua map in order to create good feng shui in your home?

These are all good questions that I get asked a lot!

I always suggest people work with only one bagua style, at least for a period of time, in order to see results from their efforts.

Choose the bagua that works best for you (and your space) and allow all its possibilities to show themselves - you will not regret it!