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Symbols / June 8, 2022

1) Don’t Put the Mirror in Front of Your Bed

Sleeping is an important part of our lives and we should protect our sleep from things that can bother us. There’s a belief that a mirror which is situated in front of your bed is a very bad idea. There are several explanations for why it is destructive for a person.

Almost all of them are based on the idea that a mirror is a portal between our world and a spirit-world. That way, when you are sleeping your soul can leave your body and stay in the mirror between the worlds. Or, a soul of a dead person can capture your body. According to another belief, the mirror in front of your bed can cause spouse cheating.

2) Don’t Keep Chipped Dishes

Dishes are a symbol of a family’s welfare. Chipped dishes, particularly cups can cause bad luck to your house. No matter how much you love a certain cup, if it is damaged, you shouldn’t drink from it. Otherwise, you can unintentionally welcome troubles to your home. Also, drinking and eating from cracked dishes is not good for your health because you can hurt yourself or eat harmful bacteria which thrive in the flaws.

Gemstone CVO3) Put the Water Out of Your Bedroom

Water is very good for people’s physical health but it can be harmful to our energetic balance according to feng shui. When decorating your bedroom, don’t put pictures with the image of water. No oceans, no seas, no lakes, even puddles or something of this nature should be represented in your bedroom. Images of water can cause illness and lack of vitality. It can be harmful to keep water in opened vessels in a bedroom as well. You shouldn’t particularly place fountains because running water symbolizes money loss. That’s also why if your pipes are damaged and leaking, try to call a plumber as soon as possible.

4) Refrain from having Certain Plants

Though according to feng shui plants, in general, are gratifying for your home, some of them can cause troubles for you. For example, a bonsai is a bad choice for you. This tree, as well as the cactus, is stunted and it just can’t symbolize growth. If you have a bonsai or a cactus, you might notice that you don’t prosper for some time. You should know that plants with prickles, except for roses, attract bad luck to your home. Instead, you should put plants with broad succulent green leaves.

5) Never Put Crystals Near the Entrance

Some feng shui ‘specialists’ say that crystals bring energy to your house – however, it is not actually true. Indeed, crystals have the ability to pull up and accumulate energy but this doesn’t mean that they will share that positive energy with your home. If you put crystals near, or what is even worse, above the doors or windows, crystals will take and keep inside themselves all positive energy that comes to your home. As crystals symbolize earth, having crystals above you means being under the earth, buried. This is not a good sign.

You can place a crystal near a window where it deflects sun rays and you can see a rainbow as a result, but put only one crystal in this case. There’s no need to bring myriads of crystals home and put them in each corner.

Source: blog.sivanaspirit.com