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Feng Shui fish Symbol

Symbols / May 25, 2022

Feng shui has actually become one of the most important practices in the whole wide world. People looking for a better personal or a private life are turning to feng shui to make their lives better. So, what is feng shui and how can it make one's life better? One of the important ways through which this is done is the symbols of feng shui. These symbols, such as dragons, plants, tortoises, etc. symbolize different things and can contribute different things towards people's lives.

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What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui in simple words is an ancient Chinese technique developed to harness the positive energy in the surrounding area and to bring good luck to the dwellers. The believers think that every land and object is alive and filled with an energy called 'Chi'. Feng Shui is all about balancing these Chi energies for the best results. In Chinese Feng means wind and Shui denotes water. These two elements (wind and water) are related to good health and hence naturally have a critical importance in Feng Shui designs. Feng shui is here to promote spirituality and inner peace among people in their everyday life so that they can find inner peace in the long term as well.

How is feng shui practiced?

Feng shui does try achieving a particular state of mind but that state of mind is also celebrated with the help of symbols. Symbols and signs are really important in Feng shui. In fact, the whole practice of feng shui is based on using the symbols that are sacred to feng shui and avoiding those that are not.

The symbols of feng shui can be divided into the symbols of yin and the symbols of yan, the two main aspects of feng shui.

What is the basis of feng shui?

Feng shui means harmony with the earth. Now, the basis of feng shui is actually balance and harmony, which is the only way through which a greater sense of abundance, prosperity and contentment can be promoted. In feng shui, this harmony or balance comes from the energy within, or the "chi". This "chi" can be positive or negative, thus forming the driving factor of feng shui.
The positive chi or the positive energy is known as yin and the negative chi or negative energy is known as yang. These are the two important signs of feng shui and all the symbols are classified under one of these signs.

Yin and yang: The two driving forces

One might have already seen the really famous yin and yang sign. The yin and yang signs stand for positive and negative. These are the two signs of feng shui- the opposites. The co-existence of the opposites is what makes harmony possible in the world. They don't just stand for positive and negative as opposites, they also stand for male versus female, night versus day, black versus white etc. It is based on the belief that nothing can exist without an opposite driving force, hence, for positive to exist, negative must also exist. These two things would always interact in daily lives and in nature and the balance between these two is what brings stability or harmony in the world. This is what the signs of feng shui stand for.

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Types of feng shui symbols

There are a lot of important symbols of feng shui and they can be divided into specific types based on their nature. Here are the biggest types of feng shui symbols and the most common reason why they are used. Read more on feng shui symbols

  • Flowers: Flowers are living things and stand for positive energy. They give out energy that is beautiful and flourishing and are believed to bring good luck and good fortune. Flowers are also vital feng shui symbols for blessings. They are capable of increasing the positive chi in all houses. Only alive flowers have to be kept inside one's house or even gifted, for it is only alive flowers that have a healing capacity. But flowers made out of silk can also be gifted to promote a positive spirit inside the house. Some of the most commonly represented flowers in Feng Shui are lotus, orchids, chrysanthemum, etc.
  • Birds: Birds are also one of the biggest types of feng shui symbols. In feng shui, birds stand for inspiration and freedom as well. It is linked to divinity and attaining knowledge and spirituality, which holds special meaning in feng shui. Different kinds of birds mean different things in feng shui. The dove stands for peace or resolution of conflict and removal of negativity, the magpie is a herald of good news, the crane usually signifies birth or revival.
  • Fish: There are a lot of fishes that are used as special symbols of feng shui, but there are two kinds of fish that are very special for feng shui reasons. The first is the arrowana fish or the dragon fish. It is believed to be the most pure fish and it commands a lot of respect in the spiritual world. The second type of fish that is also commonly used in feng shui is the koi fish, which is a pleasure to look at and also brings a lot of luck and positive chi. When shopping for fish for the sake of feng shui, make sure you buy around 9 fish and one of the fish have to be black.
  • The Buddha: The Buddha has always been one of the most important types of feng shui symbols. It stands for a lot of important feng shui concepts, such as enlightenment, attainment of knowledge, peace, inner light etc. The Buddha is the best symbol of a restless soul finding peace, so it is the best symbol for people who are leading hectic lifestyles and would like to get some amount of peace and order into their lives. Sitting or sleeping Buddhas are considered to be the best forms.
  • Fu Dogs: The Fu Dogs are one of the most important symbols of feng shui. They are not much of dogs, but they are more of lions. These Fu Dogs are the representation of the Guardian Lions that used to be placed in front of palaces, royal houses, temples, etc. This is one of the strongest symbol that symbolizes protection from evil. The Fu Dogs should always be bought in two and in case one of them breaks, both of them must be cast away. It is also better to keep these dogs near entrances (it could be the entrance to the house, or to the bedroom or any other room).
  • Mystic Knot: The knot has been an important symbol in a lot of religions and spiritual texts. This is because of the fact that the knot can symbolize infinity. In feng shui, the mystic knot is believed to be a symbol of a full and prosperous life that is filled with good fortune. It is highly popular as a gift.
  • Horses: Classical Feng shui lists horses as one of the most special symbols of feng shui. Of all the types of feng shui symbols, this is probably the one that is least known. The Horse is a symbol of speed, prosperity, freedom and fame. It is popular as gifts and also for one's own house and family. The horse symbol is to be kept in the south or the north parts of the house, to attract maximum chi and good luck.
  • Bats: In classical feng shui, the bat symbol is considered to be a symbol of wealth. It stands for prosperity, longevity of life and happiness as well. Bats have enjoyed a historical role in China, as a result of which they also enjoy a special place in Chinese feng shui.
  • Turtles and Tortoises: Turtles and tortoises are some of the most vital feng shui symbols. The Tortoise is one of the four Celestial Animals and it symbolizes the north. Figures of turtles are believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the house and those who reside within it. It is best to keep the figures and pictures of turtles and tortoises in the north of the house, for that is the direction they guard.
  • Phoenix: This is not that popular a symbol, but it has a special meaning. The Red Phoenix is one of the Celestial Animals or the Guardians. It is the guardian of the South and hence, this is the best direction to keep the phoenix in. If one has the symbol of a phoenix in their house, they should keep it in the southern part of the house.
  • Tigers: Tigers, again, are important as a symbol of protection and prosperity in the house because of their status as the Guardian of Feng Shui. It is important for people to use feng shui symbols right, so usually, when one buys one of the guardians, they buy the other three as well. This way, maximum protection and prosperity can be gained from these symbols. The white tiger is the celestial guardian in the west.
  • The Dragon: In the symbols of feng shui, the dragon shares an important position. The Green Dragon is one of the Celestial Guardians, guarding the east. The dragon symbol is believed to be really strong when it comes to healing. It has a strong yang effect and is good for promoting male energy. Usually, the dragon symbols come with a crystal or a pearl embedded in the claw. This is supposed to signify wealth and prosperity.
  • Chi Lin: The Chi Lin is a mystical creature from Chinese mythology. It has the head of a dragon, scales of a carp fish and the body of a horse. The Chi Lin is also known as the Chinese Unicorn or the Dragon Horse. This is not just a beautiful and ethnic piece of attractive decoration, it can also bring a lot of positive chi within the house, along with good health and healing.
  • Gem trees: Gem trees are vital feng shui symbols. They are the crystal trees that are capable of bringing about focus in one's life and increase in one's fortune and prosperity as well. This can also symbolize prosperity in living one's life or getting longevity of life. Some of the most common crystal trees are coral trees and amethyst trees.
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