Feng Shui Love Symbols

Feng Shui love Symbols

Symbols / November 18, 2020

Feng shui love tips are intended and – specifically targeted – to attract love and romance in to your life. It’s – definitely not a secret any more that love is what we all need; love is what we all desire – and even deserve; but the truth is that there are countless people on this planet who search – and strive tirelessly – to find love in their life and never get it. On the other hand, there are millions on whom love – seems to be showering – from the heavens above.

At this point one must think about why there’s such a differentiation – or discrimination. Is it just by chance that so many people got unfortunate or fortunate in love at the same time? This just can’t be a coincidence. There has to be something more rather than just fate or karma. That “something more” is the help of positive energies to find love and romance around you.

Hence, if you’re the one who’s looking to find your Mr. Right or your Dream Girl then reading this article about feng shui love tips is surely going to help you big time.

Hence, if this “hypothetical” person is going on a date, he/she must face South-East; this’ll ensure that the meeting goes very well and the chances of love blossoming between the two are very high.

That’s pretty much to it when it comes to finding relation between Kua numbers and favorable direction. Apart from help from directions, there’s one more thing, called “Peach Blossom Luck” that can – and has – helped people big time to find “the love of their life”.

Peach Blossom Luck is an extremely simple technique to attract love and romance in to your life, more on this is discussed – in detail – in the section below, so just read on.

Attracting Love Using Peach Blossom Luck

As said earlier, the Peach Blossom Luck way is the simplest and very easy to follow – and apply – feng shui love technique. Once activated, the Peach Blossom Luck starts to attract exactly the type of people, whom you’d love to have in your life. In other words, it can attract a “perfect life partner or soul mate” that you’re looking for.

But for Peach Blossom Luck to work for you, you need to activate it in your home or office; here are steps to activate Peach Blossom Luck.

  1. Find the animal sign of the year you were born in. See table #1 below.
  2. Follow steps mentioned in “What to do” column of table #2 against your animal sign to activate Peach Blossom Luck.

Source: www.fengshuipundit.com