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Feng Shui Career Corner

Symbols / September 19, 2020

Publication1 (2)The first gua in the Bagua is representative of an area that many people have been asking me about lately … Career. My guess is if you are reading this, you may need some help with your career, and you are in the right place if so! The element of this first gua is water. Before we dive into using water in the career area of our spaces, let us take a look at the element of water, what it means, and how it flows through our lives.

The first gua is the only one with the water element in the Bagua map, and one of my personal favorite to work with. Water can be big and still such as a large lake, active and demanding like an ocean, or fast, and gushing like a lovely fountain. If your 9 star ki astrological sign is water, you might be diplomatic, affectionate, very loving, intuitive, or approachable. Some terms other people may use to describe how they see you are relaxed, laid back, objective, a good team player, of clear thought, and yet may even worry a bit about the minor details in life. When I ask you to think of a form of water that describes your emotions, what is the FIRST thing that comes to mind? Do you think of a large lake, a big ocean, a small fountain, or maybe a small puddle? Does what you vision in your mind’s eye, describe your emotion at this present moment? Just as water can be “spread thin, ” a person of this element should pay attention to if they are allowing themselves to be “spread thin, ” or “drained.” Similarly, when we think of ocean waves flowing in and out, a person of this element can do the same with decision and might describe themselves as indecisive. Water is an explorative, communicative, yet emotional element. Physically, just as water flows and can give a beautiful curvy shape, it is a very sexy element … a fun, creative, and passionate element. Now that you know the character of water, let’s look at how we use water in the career area of our space.

(Do you want to find out if you are a water element? Use a 9 star ki calculator. There are many online you can search for).

You might be wondering where in your space the career area is. In BTB Feng Shui, the Bagua Map is used to determine this. If you were to stretch a “tic-tac-toe” grid over your space from the front door, the career gua is the bottom center area of your home. Often times I find the front door falls in this area, but if it does not, keep in mind the front door still is representative of career. If you are looking for a job, ready for a promotion, or wanting to find your life purpose, the following are some ideas of what you can use to enhance the career area in your space to transform the career energy in your life.

  • Color wise, the water element is brought out in black, dark grays, and navy blues.
    (*I find often times my clients may move towards brighter blues, and often times find their chosen tones to be of the wood element and not the water element. Keep in mind that bright blues are wood, not water. Feng Shui is very much about the intention behind your placement, but I do always suggest going toward the darker blues to enhance the water element).
  • Glass is of the water element therefore, glass sculptures, pieces of furniture, crystal bowls, stained glass windows, and even glass vases will bring in the water element. If you do use vases designed for flowers, use them for their designated purpose, and keep the water CLEAN in the vases so the energy in your life is clean and clear as well.
    (*A glass front door is not advised).
  • You can use mirrors to bring water into a space. Just please keep in mind mirrors are a very intense Feng Shui remedy. Be mindful of where you are putting them. For example, a mirror directly in front of your door when you walk in the entry, will reflect and send away the energy and career opportunity you are intending to attract in. If your door opens up to a ½ wall however, placing a mirror across from the ½ wall, will energetically open up the space the door opens on to, and “expand” this area of opportunity.
  • Diamonds are also a water element, and a wonderful symbolic piece of décor of intention. You can also hang a beautiful deep blue crystal here.
  • Time is the water element. Do you have a grandfather clock that is constantly moving like the flow of water? This area is a wonderful place for that, just make sure it is always in good shape and in good, working condition.
  • Make sure the career area of your home, office, or other space is well lit, and all lights are working.
  • One of my favorite water symbolisms to use is the Moon. Pictures of the moon are perfect here! If you work with Archangels, invoking Archangel Haniel and her pale blue halo color will bring many intuitive blessings of peace, clarity, and will help you make careful considerations when it comes to all of your career opportunities. She will also help you to release any fears surrounding job hunting or career transition.
    (*I find great success in working with the moon cycles to manifest.
  • Rain and clouds are both of the water element, and using pictures of either will enhance this first gua. If you are using a picture of either of these, make sure that you feel uplifted when you look at them. Keep the pictures lovely, beautiful, and happy.
  • Flowy, curvy shapes are excellent here, and can be used in curvy furniture, photos or artwork, and perhaps a lovely deep blue curvy sculpture.
  • The direction of the water element is north. Do something specific to the north area of this gua that is reflective of your intention with career. For example, I have a client that wanted to become a flight attendant. We painted a small decorative plane black (a color of the water element) and left it at the career section of her home. After she manifested the job, she painted it purple and moved it to the wealth and prosperity corner!
  • Of course actual water can help this area. Using fountains, pictures of water (preferably moving), or a fish bowl will bring in the water element. I always suggest keeping pictures and actual water in motion here. Still water = still energy, active water = active and moving energy.
  • The season of water is winter, so if you find yourself wanting a shift in the winter time, deck your halls with balls of snow balls!
  • Even if it does not fall in this center grid, pay attention to your front door. Keep the pathway to your front door clean and clear, the threshold working well so people don’t trip, and make sure your door opens fully and all the way. The paint should be in good condition on the door, and a nice water color like navy blue or black works well. My favorite color for a front door is the sexy auspicious color of Chinese medicine … red. This luscious color will draw the energy right in.
  • The number of the Career area is 1. Use singular objects to promote this singular career water energy.

Source: flourishfengshui.com