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Feng Shui Tips for Beautiful

Symbols / February 27, 2019

Feng shui principles can be applied to your makeup, skincare, and hair to ensure you appear your best and you are ready to attract positive chi energy into your life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is a lot you can do to emphasize and play on your best features.

#1 Apply Makeup Facing Auspicious Direction

Feng Shui guru Lillian Too advises that before applying or removing makeup, always sit facing one of your four auspicious directions. First, find your kua number. Then, check a kua chart to find out which compass direction corresponds to each of the following auspicious directions:

  • Personal growth (Fu Wei) direction
  • Wealth (Sheng Chi) direction
  • Health (Tien Yi) direction
  • Love (Nien Yen) direction

Apply your makeup facing the compass direction that matches up with the auspicious chi you want to attract - personal growth, wealth, health, or love.

#2 Ideal Feng Shui Lips

Facial balance should be created with make-up. Careful application should focus on creating the ideal feng shui face. The lips are an important facial feature and often with collagen, made to appear abnormally large. This is inauspicious and should be avoided.

The lips should be full but never overly large. They should be balanced and proportionate with your other facial features.

  • Lip liners in hues lighter than the main lip color can help to create the illusion of fullness.
  • A darker lip liner color will better define the outline of your lips.

Be sure to blend the liner(s) into the lip color for a smooth color transition that is natural.

#3 Facial Cleansing

According to feng shui principles, how clear and smooth the face is has a direct correlation to how smooth your life runs. If you suffer from blemishes, feng shui states that your life will run into road blocks and obstacles. Occasional flare-ups are easier to deal with in life challenges. A good facial cleansing program is a must.

The importance of a cleansing routine for your face is a feng shui mandate for ensuring a clear path to an easy life. Make it a number one rule to never retire until you've removed all your makeup and cleansed your face. Moisturize as needed and enjoy an easier life path the feng shui way.

#4 Trimming Eyebrows

Eyebrows are viewed as protectors by feng shui principles. The protection your eyebrows provide keep you safe from being emotionally or physically hurt as well as from being scammed. Feng shui grooming principles advise against plucking, shaping, or shaving and then drawing or creating faux eyebrows.

Despite the inauspicious nature of eyebrow grooming, most people, especially women, want trimmed eyebrows. The feng shui rules take into consideration those wishing to trim their eyebrows and offer these guidelines:

  • Eyebrows darker than hair is auspicious.
  • Never leave eyebrows straight. Shape eyebrows with a slight arch.
  • Eyebrows should be thicker inside and gradually become thinner to the outer tip.
  • Bushy (thick) eyebrows are considered auspicious.

#5 Eyeliner and Mascara Tips

The use of heavy black eyeliner and mascara are considered inauspicious makeup in feng shui. If you feel the need for these, feng shui principles advise using both sparingly.

Eyes that are too dark generate negative chi energy and are considered bad luck. The visual effect can lead to negative response behavior from others. Go lighter and less with your eyeliner and mascara. For example, you could go with a medium brown mascara, a soft gray or a medium blue to play up blue eyes. Don't weigh down your eyelids with heavy mascara; this is very inauspicious. A little tinge of mascara is all you need for good feng shui eye makeup.

#6 Glowing Cheeks Equal Good Fortune

Cheeks are another facial feature considered to be good fortune indicators in feng shui. Radiant and glowing are two feng shui requirements for auspicious cheeks. The cheeks should be tinged with pink and give a healthy glow. Experiment with various blush colors and tones to determine which is best suited for your coloring.

As with all things feng shui, balance is the key to successful feng shui applications. You want to blend the cheek color into the foundation color so it appears to be a natural gradual coloring.

Cheek blemishes, whether they are acne, moles, or scars, are considered to represent obstacles or challenges that need to be overcome. If possible, remove moles and blemishes.

#7 Don't Wear Bangs

Feng shui views the forehead as a lucky feature. In fact, the forehead is a potential magnet for attracting good luck. As such, you want to make sure it isn't covered or obscured with hair or your luck will suddenly become blocked. Apply makeup so your forehead is smooth.

#8 Kua Number for Hair and Makeup Colors

Use your kua number for determining your element and colors that are assigned to this number. You can then capitalize on these with your hair color choice and makeup palette. Some salons are taking a page out of feng shui hair stylist guru, Billy Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi is credited with having the first worldwide salon chain to adapt feng shui beauty in its practices. His approach is to determine the elements and colors that clients relate to and then selects hair color combinations, haircut style and makeup.

#9 Hair Length

  • Short cut: Person is self-sufficient, open-hearted and fiercely independent.
  • Medium length (shoulder length): Medium lenth hair with an inward curl at the ends indicates someone who is elegant, but may be egotistical about her appearance.
  • Long hair (below shoulders): Long wavy hair represents someone who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and is detail-oriented. Straight long hair indicates someone who is very intelligent and is also very tender hearted.

#10 Feng Shui Manicure

Australian Christina Fitzgerald is credited with introducing the feng shui nail design theory. Basically, the left hand absorbs energy (yang) and the right hand gives energy (yin). The fingers are the conductors where the energy is either absorbed or released.

In a feng shui manicure, all fingernails are painted the same color. After they've dried, one or two fingers are then painted a different color. This can be a lighter or darker hue of the original color or an entirely different color. The middle (spiritual development) finger and ring finger (heart chakra path) are the ones that should be painted differently since the theory states they are the two fingers that govern your success.

You can do this with both hands or one hand. The left hand is responsible for personal well-being whereas the right hand governs business and career.

Feng Shui for Beautiful Results

These tips offer you several new ideas and ways to further apply feng shui principles in your life and boost your luck factor. Try a few and see how they improve your quality of life and of course, your luck!