Feng Shui Tips for Money, Prosperity and Wealth

Feng Shui Tips for Money

Money / February 16, 2018

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Once you know where your feng shui money area is located, it makes sense to create good feng shui energy in it. After all, feng shui is all about creating a space - be it at home or at the office - to improve all areas of your life, and you would not want to leave out the money area, right?

So, let's see what it means, in practical decorating terms, to create good feng shui in your money area.

When your feng shui money area has the right energy, your house (or office /business) is able to attract and hold the energy of wealth and money. This will definitely reflect in your life, so do your best to apply the tips that follow.

The feng shui element of your wealth & money area is Wood, and you know that Wood is strengthened by Water (which nourishes the Wood) and by Earth (which gives the Wood a firm foundation to grow).

This is all based on the interplay of 5 feng shui elements, which is one of the basic principles of feng shui. (It is also just plain common sense if you visualize the feng shui elements as specific items in the world around you!) For good feng shui, you want the decor of the money area in your home or office to express these elements.

So, here are 8 specific steps to help you bring the Wood, Water and Earth feng shui elements into your Money area home or office decor.

1. Healthy, lush green plants, such as:

or any other vibrant plant that will thrive in the lighting conditions of the area.

2. A water feature, a mirror or an image of water. You can bring an actual fountain to the area, which will be great feng shui!

Mirrors are an excellent feng shui money cure, too. You can also display images with water such as a beautiful waterfall, a lake, a river or an ocean. Make sure the water is clean and flowing (versus muddy and stagnant).

3. Emphasize specific shapes in your money area decor. Each feng shui element is expressed in specific shapes, so you can bring the desired energy with shapes such as:

  • Rectangular (Wood element)
  • Square (Earth element)
  • Wavy (Water element)

Be it in the shape of picture frames, fabric patterns or the wallpaper design, these shapes will bring the right energy to your money area.

Source: www.thespruce.com