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Feng Shui office colors

Colors / April 22, 2018

The energy you wish to tap into in your office depends on the type of business you’re in and your business goals right now.

But color choice can be challenging in a business environment where your options may be limited.

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Wood colors are most useful when you are working on new projects, trying to create a sense of teamwork and growth, when your business is connected with investment growth, or when you are concerned about the general health of your career.

Use Fire colors to add a spark of vitality and passion to your business. These colors are especially important when you’re making a marketing push to increase your company’s visibility. If you don’t want to “shout” your enthusiastic intentions, use Fire colors in more imaginative ways with red file folders, for instance.

Use Earth colors when stability is a fundamental business value; businesses that benefit from Earth colors include accounting and law firms, where a steady, authoritative approach is the key to success.

Earth is also appropriate when the going gets rough and you need to steady your business nerves!

You’ve probably noticed how common white is in business décor; this is because every business benefits from good preparation and execution!

If you find yourself in an environment that’s overly Metal/white, use the other elements to bring it into balance. The coolness of Metal is controlled by the warmth of Fire, so bring some red accents into your office to add passion and enthusiasm to your well-planned workday.

Water colors are wonderful if you’re in a creative field where ideas need to flow freely. So it’s a great element to utilize when you need to get your creative juices flowing, and think “out of the box” about your business.

And please let me know if you have any questions about this key aspect of Feng Shui, and how I can help you enhance your life with its power and beauty.