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Feng Shui office Cubicle

Symbols / September 24, 2020

I am not sure how to improve the feng shui of my office cubicle. I do not feel good there, but cannot make any changes, the office desk, and chair placement are set. How can one improve the feng shui of a cubicle-type office setting, when there is no freedom to move the furniture? Also, when you share your office with other people, do you absorb bad feng shui from them?


The answer to your second question is easy: yes, everything around you in the office influences your personal energy, as everything is energy.

So, if a co-worker right next to you has really bad feng shui going on in his or her office area, yes, you will be influenced.

The only thing you can do is to take really good care of the feng shui of your own office area and establish clear boundaries. When you have to work in a cubicle-type office setting, where the office set-up cannot be changed, you have to pay even more attention to creating (and keeping) good energy throughout your day at the office.

5 Easy Feng Shui Tips for your Office Cubicle

1. A clear organization system is a must for any office, especially an office cubicle. Be sure there is space for everything but clutter in your area. Once the clutter starts accumulating, your energy is sure to quickly go into the bad feng shui office category.

2. See what feng shui office energizers you are allowed to bring into your space and go for their best placement. Some of the feng shui must-have for the office are air-purifying plants and high energy items, such as photos that carry the energy of happy moments or bright, inspiring art with vibrant colors.

3. If you have your back to the door while sitting at your desk, be sure to find a way to see the reflection of the office entrance, meaning to have a view of what is going on behind your back. You can do that with any strategically placed office related-object made from shiny metal.

4. Look into the topic of EMF pollution and decide if you need any personal protection. Chances are if you are surrounded by computers and office related equipment for many hours, your energy is being severely drained.

5. Know that feng shui always works best when it is applied in a subtle way. Do not have little wind chimes hanging from your computer or bring bagua mirrors and three legged frogs. Find office decor-appropriate solutions to improve your space, solutions that you like and that fit into the overall office environment.

Last but sure not least, if you know that your office set-up has challenging feng shui and there is not much you can do about it, make an extra effort to create good feng shui in your home, especially in your bedroom.

This will assure that your personal energy is receiving the needed replenishment and support to be able to withstand hours in a questionable feng shui office environment.

Source: www.thespruce.com