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Feng Shui Lucky bamboo plant Direction

Lucky / November 23, 2017

Lucky bamboo is one of the favorite choices for feng shui cures. It is considered lucky because it brings a wise and peaceful energy into your house. It teaches how to be hollow (open) and flexible on the inside, so that the spirit can flow freely and heal your being. Fortunately, these plants are easy to grow and require very little care. These tough stalks can survive in vases of water, in soil and under a wide variety of light conditions. That’s why you find it in office lobbies, in retail store, on desks as well as in homes. Even a poorly kept lucky bamboo can live for a long time. Lucky bamboo is not really a bamboo but a member of the Dracena family, Dracaena sanderiana (a type of tropical house plant). In fact, this plant does not even related to bamboo.

It is said that lucky bamboo will give you the best of its luck when you receive this plant as a gift. Lucky bamboo will be effective only when placed properly in the home and cared for well. You will need to know the right amount of lucky bamboo to display before buying or making one. The type of luck you will receive will depend on the number of bamboo stalks you use.

feng shui bamboo plant

Symbolism and Meaning

  • Two bamboo stalks represent a couple, therefore this lucky bamboo represents luck in love.
  • Three bamboo stalks will bring happiness, longevity and wealth. Three stalks with a curly stalk in the middle represents wealth (the curly stalk signifies money).
  • Four bamboo stalks bring creativity and successful academic achievement.
  • Six bamboo stalks bring luck and prosperity.
  • Seven bamboo stalks bring good health.
  • Eight stalks of bamboo symbolize growth (as eight is a lucky number in feng shui).
  • Ten stalks of bamboo represents perfection and completeness.
  • Twenty-one bamboo stalks will offer an all purpose blessing that is very powerful
  • Bamboo towers also have certain meaning, they represent ‘climbing’. People use it to seek a promotion at work.

One more thing, the lucky bamboo should have all the five feng shui elements, which are:

  1. Earth – you need to choose rocks for the bamboo to grow in
  2. Wood – the bamboo itself
  3. Metal – you can choose a ceramic vase that has a coin on it. You also can use a simple glass vase to represent metal.
  4. Water – the water the bamboo grows with obviously
  5. Fire – usually most pots have a red ribbon tied to them in order to represent fire element

Where to Place Lucky Bamboo

You can place your lucky bamboo in the eastern section (family area) of your house, in this case, three stalks is recommended. You can also place it in the southeast section of your house to invite wealth. For any places which do not receive any natural light and need to be brightened up you can place lucky bamboo in those areas. Dark spots in your house will no longer a problem as these lucky bamboos will enhance both light and energy amount in the area.

If you intend to put lucky bamboo in your house, you need to care properly for the plant and must not neglect it. If your plant withers, it will no longer represent luck and will give unhealthy chi to your house.

Bamboo stalks do not naturally grow with curls, waves or spirals. Growers use certain techniques that force the stalks to grow in various directions. Usually you will be charged more by suppliers of lucky bamboo for fancy stalks than for straight ones because of the extra work and time involved in their growth. Both the fancy stalks and straight stalks require the same care.