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Feng Shui Bedroom Direction

Symbols / March 23, 2015

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Feng Shui bedroom tip and colours from Feng Shui Master Alan Stirling

Feng Shui Bedroom tips on colours and ideas for better sleep are essential factors in our quality of life.

We spend about a third of our life recharging our bodies and restoring our health, with less sleep we become irritable and miserable. Conversely when we sleep well our renewed energy allows us to accomplish anything!

Feng shui bedroom tips to help you sleep

Feng shui your bedroom by analysing your energy and the qi present in your bedroom. Then balance by adding simple, subtle cures in the form of colour, shape, and textures of furniture fixtures and fittings to sleep perfectly!.

This is precisely what we do in a and the results are usually instantaneous. As you would expect getting a good night’s sleep seriously improves your energy levels and quality of life, as well as relationships, so how do we do this?

What feng shui energy do you have?

Use our Chinese astrology horoscope tools such as or Nine Star kito discover what energy you have.

Next find your most favourable colour for relaxation using the sheng cycle of . Ideally, use the next sequential colour from your own element for rest and relaxation. For instance, if you are a water person then the wood colours of green or light blue are ideal feng shui colours for your bedding, particularly your pillowcase.

feng shui coloursBy extension these would also be the perfect feng shui bedroom colours.

Feng shui bedroom colours

Colour is energy reflected from an object that reacts with your own qi to affect you in many ways. As we are dealing with bedroom feng shui, we will just look at how this affects your sleep and relationships, then use the consisting of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to find suitable feng shui bedroom cures.

Feng shui bedroom cures

Firstly find your own from our calculator and convert the numbers to elements. The water element is 1, wood has the numbers of 3, and 4, whilst fire is 9, earth, 2, 5 and 8, metal has 6 and 7. Now convert the colours in your bedroom in the same way and see if they form a sheng cycle with your own energy. If they are in the ke cycle of elements then you or your partner will become stressed and this will affect your relationship.

Feng shui bedroom layout tips

Naturally the most important feng shui aspect in your bedroom is the position of the bed. This either needs to be against a solid wall or if away from the wall it will need to have a solid head board. The bed should be placed in the "power position" which will be the spot opposite the door where you can see the whole room before you and anyone entering the room.

feng shui bedroom layoutOn no account should you have the bed inline with the door as this is known as the “coffin position which will completely undermine your confidence and all that you do in life. Similarly, as the solid wall behind your bed represents your security and well being if you place the bed’s headboard against the wall containing the door then you will argue at some point, with whomever enters the room. This is the primary reason for arguments with children.

In Chinese philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, energy is said to rise on the left side of our bodies and fall on the right side. When we mirror this phenomenon in our surroundings we feel extremely comfortable. Viewed from the position of laying in bed placing your wardrobes on the left and your dressing table on the right of the bed will easily create this effect. If we add a space at the foot of the bed this mirrors the “ming tang” effect which is alluded to in all forms of tai chi and Qi Gong and is said to make the occupants visionary.

Feng shui bedroom Mirrors

Although we need a mirror to dress etc, we should never be able to see our reflections in them when laying in bed. This will cause major sleeplessness. If you have mirrored built in wardrobes just cover them with fabric at night to cure this problem.

Feng shui bedroom beams

Feng shui bedroom beams are only a problem if they have a depth greater than 30 centimetres or 12 inches as this will cause a difference in air pressure. Sloped ceilings cause more of a problem as air molecules are constantly bombarding the angled ceilings and reacting with your body. You can cure both problems by hanging fabric over the bed or around the walls in the form of a tapestry or similar covering to absorb this energy.

Feng shui bedroom colour effects

When viewing the 5 element cycle above in relation to your natal element bear the following effects in mind:

  • Choosing the colour immediately before your natal number will give you energy and keep you awake.
  • Choosing the colour two places before yours may make you think about your relationship if female and promotion or getting even with people if male You may also have nightmares where control or restriction is the theme.
  • Choose the colour two places after yours and if male you will think and worry about relationships and wealth if female.