12 Feng Shui Cures to Bring Luck and Protection

Feng Shui Good Luck charms

Symbols / March 21, 2022

fish and catBelief in things that may or may not bear significance is one factor why we give things a try. It is also the reason we offer to chance the possibility of attracting positive outcomes. Sometimes, we ask for signs to aid us in making decisions, or most commonly believing on things like Feng Shui.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that had people believing about enhancing luck and countering negative auras around themselves. People around the world, regardless of their racial and cultural differences, are slowly acknowledging this form of belief. It is through Feng Shui that several people believe that directions matter. Others believe that the placement or arranging your personal belongings could have impacts on your luck. To make things even more convenient, it also lets us drive misfortunes away through mantras and lucky charms.

Now, whether you’re going through career crises, examination stress, financial loss, love and relationship issues, we have something valuable to recommend. These Feng Shui lucky charms boost your luck. It wouldn’t hurt to try these lucky charms out and start improving your current state.

Fish and… a Cat?

If it’s about nourishing abundance in your life, it is through the symbolism of water present around us. If you have a pond or any form of water around your home, such as an aquarium, then it’s a good Feng Shui lucky item. Adding fish is the nourishment that will sustain the wealth and abundance it may offer. The most common are Goldfish and Carps, though. The energy of water, which is sustenance, is, therefore, enhanced and consistently left present.

So much for the fish, how about that one fish-eating animal we are most fond of? Cats, of course. Are you familiar with the golden cat waving its arm tirelessly? It’s called ‘Maneki Neko’ or fortune cat. It is usually placed in shops, stores, or offices, and less likely at home. They are preferred at these strategic locations as they serve as money attracting Feng Shui item and also a protection for your wealth-generating center location.

Love – Dragon and Phoenix Unity

When you are seeking luck on love and marriage, then a dragon or a phoenix will do. Both will even be better. Dragon represents the, which is masculinity and courage while Phoenix represents, the femininity, magnificence, and happiness. When the two unite, they form the best unity of Yin and Yang harmony thus brings out luck for love relationships. It is best placed in a couple’s bedroom for marital blessings.

buddha Laughing Buddha

They are sold in a wide variety, from amulets to figurines, and even keychains. Laughing Buddha brings good luck in general: happiness, wealth, career and good health. It is one of the most common Feng Shui items. Laughing Buddha also relieves tension and maintains healthy relationships at home as it projects happiness (thus the name “LAUGHING” Buddha). Now, it is also prevalent in offices and workplaces to ease relationships between corporate relations.

Wu Lou, Bottle Gourd Guard

Wu Lou comes with the charm longevity, thereby promoting your protection and good health. It is best to place a Golden Wu Lou beside an ill person’s bed to ease their health. Wu Lou is a bottle gourd or a natural calabash, which is believed in Chinese Mythology to absorb or trap bad energy from your surrounding. This explains its power to keep a person away from harm. A driver may hang Wu Lou in his vehicle to avoid accidents. Also, when having career difficulties, you may decide to put Wu Lou in your desk to prevent business or work-related complications.

Other charms to add to this list of lucky charms you may want to own are:

  • Mystic Knots- They contain with coins, and are said to attract money luck.
  • Fu Dog – This is best placed at entrances to serve as protection from harm.
  • Crystals – they range from necklaces or bracelets containing quartz and jade. They aid in academic or professional excellence.

Source: loanpride.com