Attract the Energy of Wealth in 8 Steps

Feng Shui for More Money

Money / September 28, 2017

As a feng shui master, I get this question so often I've almost come to expect it. When I first got started designing people's homes, I wondered if my practice could actually make a difference in people’s money and abundance. I approached it with a healthy amount of skepticism, but I was excited to experiment.

The very first time I went to a stranger’s house for a free consultation, I was thrilled when this person came into a fair amount of cash soon after following my suggestions. I didn’t credit myself or feng shui entirely for this change, but I did think the redesign shifted something. In the process of making changes at home, this person's life started shifting, and realizations could flow freely once the clutter was dumped.

Just a few months earlier, I’d feng shui’d the home of a friend of mine who received a $500, 000 investment not long after. Again, I didn't think it was my doing, but the friend had called me to say that the actions seemed to be bringing all this great stuff into life.

Over the course of 10 years in feng shui, I've seen small environmental shifts lead to greater prosperity. That's not to say that a few small home changes bring incredible amounts of wealth every time. However, I often marvel at all of the abundance people have been able to create by harnessing feng shui for peace, confidence, well-being, and, yes, material goods. Here are a few ways to shift the energy in your home to welcome abundance.

1. Remember that your home mirrors your life.

Do you see a home that reflects qualities of prosperity? I don’t mean a space filled with gold-plated walls or million-dollar art, per say, but rather a sense of care and dedication. Work to make your home a passionate space and real feeling of abundance will follow.

2. Creative blocks show up in the home.

No matter what field you work in, creativity is so vital to prosperity and growth. The second you become complacent with blank walls, start to tolerate the way things look, or stop feeling welcome in your home is a sign that it's time for a burst of creative energy. All of these emotions of dissatisfaction and settling keep abundance at bay. You can creatively change what isn’t working for you, and as you do, you’ll feel the energy shift.

3. Clutter blocks abundant energy.

Do you have lots of clutter or stuff you hold on to out of a sense of scarcity, subconsciously worrying that more money may not arrive? Do you hold on to clutter because you think one day you might need it? All that clutter blocks the energy flow in your home and life.

4. Recognize the many faces of abundance.

The more you surround yourself with abundance—plants, a spectrum of colors, beautiful art, a collection of seashells—the more you'll start to notice growth everywhere around you.

And that’s just the start. You can ultimately use feng shui to turn your home into a vision board of your dream life. Every step you take will attract magnetism and all kinds of abundance.