Good Feng Shui Floor Plan: Doors and Windows

Door Facing Windows Feng Shui

Feng Shui Main Door / August 5, 2017

BedroomIn Feng Shui terms, your front door, your bedroom and the siting of your cooker are the 3 most important considerations. We spend between a quarter and a third of our lives in the bedroom, re-charging our batteries in an environment that needs to be safe, secure and intimate. Family rooms, kitchens and playrooms are active spaces -Yang whereas where we sleep needs to be fundamentally more Yin and relaxing. The best position for the main bedroom is furthest away from the front door, preferably diagonally opposite the entrance also. On a subliminal level, this gives you the extra feeling of protection, stability and security. The worst possible scenario is to have your bedroom facing or close to the front door. To set the tone for a harmonious relationship, an equal sided room is best with no sectors missing.Feng Shui Bedroom If you have an adjacent toilet or bathroom, always make sure that this doorway is closed when you are asleep. Bedrooms positioned above garages are regarded as a Feng Shui "no, no" as the dead space below you gives the bedroom a lack of support. How you decorate and furnish your bedroom is purely personal but there are a few considerations regarding colour from a Feng Shui point of view. Green has a very calming effect; blue while it is relaxing can be a little too cool. The colour yellow is very stimulating for the mind and you may become too restless or spend hours and hours at night reading. Peach coloured walls and furnishings are said to encourage affairs! All shades of red, including pink and salmon encourage romance. Too much red will bring too much fire (Yang) into the space; small amounts can be used to bring the fire of passion into your life. These could include red or pink lampshades, rugs, photo frames or candles.