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Books on Feng Shui

Symbols / May 18, 2014

This book by Karen Kingston was revised and updated in 2016 after its initial debut in 1998 when feng shui first began to enter the U.S. mainstream. Although this book teaches relatively little about feng shui as an art and ancient practice, it offers practical tips to help you live without clutter. In essence, it's a space-clearing guide, and the author draws upon her own experiences to tell readers how getting rid of the junk in her life had transformative effects.

Like all the books in the "Dummies" series, this book is designed to teach those unfamiliar with a subject the nuts and bolts of it. In other words, don't pick up this book, if you're looking for an elaborate history and breakdown of what feng shui is. This is a concise feng shui book with many practical tips and pictures.

If you are really serious about mastering the art of feng shui, you should get this book. Unlike the first two books on this list, "The Principles of Feng Shui" is the result of Master Larry Sang's 10 years of intensive research and teaching of the centuries-old practice. It is designed to teach people about traditional feng shui.

This book is said to provide direction to those who are lost in life. It hit the shelves in January 2000 and became a national bestseller. Karen Rauch Carter, a landscape architect, wrote the book, so she definitely has a take on feng shui that you might not see elsewhere. If you want to make sure it's your cup of tea before taking the plunge and buying it, you can read the first chapter online.