What s the Best Feng Shui Placement of My Bed?

Best bed Position Feng Shui

Feng Shui For Beds / May 12, 2020

I love a good night's sleep. As a Feng Shui consultant and spiritual coach, I know the importance of deep and restful sleep. Whether in my home or traveling, my nightly intention is ending the day in a comfortable bed, feeling completely relaxed, free from my worries and cares, and for at least seven to eight hours, peacefully drifting into a place of deep and restorative sleep. My goal is waking in the morning visualizing that every DNA strand, cell, and fiber of my body and soul are restored, renewed, rejuvenated, and remade for another day of work, fun, and family.

After years of rearing young children, hitting the sleepless nights of menopause, and building a career, my ongoing mission is helping family, friends and clients to create a peaceful environment for a restful sleep.

When I made the decision to make sleep a priority, I tried over the counter remedies, but didn't like the way I felt in the morning: groggy and unenthusiastic about starting my day. I tried melatonin with some good results, except I'd wake up four hours later and be wide-awake. I also chose not to use any prescription sleep aids.

Feng Shui became my solution for a good night's sleep.

Feng Shui is the ancient science and transcendental art of balancing the energies in our immediate environment, such as our home, bedroom and other living spaces (a piece of real estate, a business, etc.) so that our bodies, lives and intentions come into greater harmony with the energies of the earth and the laws of nature. We have a greater chance to achieve our highest potential - including getting a fantastic night's sleep - when our "chi, " or human life force energy, is in balance and harmony with these energies.

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