2017 Good Feng Shui Areas in Your Home (or Office)

Southeast Facing House Feng Shui

House / November 19, 2019

Feng shui (风水 fēngshuǐ) is based on the idea that we are affected by everything in our environments through a universal force called “qi” (气 qì). The idea that we are affected by everything in our environment is empowering because it means that there are relatively cost-free options to make simple but significant improvements in our lives. For instance, feng shui teaches that beds are best placed facing southeast in the direction of the sunrise as this is beneficial to the body's natural clock. Feng shui also recommends perhaps more superstitiously that we keep mirrors out of our bedrooms, as they bounce negative energy around and disrupt our rest. While some ancient feng shui practices are seen as superstition only backed up by anecdote, others are rooted in common design sense. Let’s take a look at nine (the lucky number in feng shui numerology) of the most practical and applicable feng shui solutions for your room or house.

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Separate Work and Rest

Feng shui focuses on the functionality of the bedroom as a place for rest, and recommends that we give our minds a break by leaving work-related items out of it. Things like desks, file cabinets, or even workout equipment should stay away and out of view from your bed. If there are a lot of books you have not read but have been wanting to get to, feng shui practice encourages you move them away, as anything that is still a work in progress can preoccupy your mind when you are trying to sleep. If you have to keep your work desk or exercise equipment in your room, it is still possible to improve your feng shui with a folding screen or ceiling mounted curtain rod.

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