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Prosperity Feng Shui

Symbols / January 7, 2021

For thousands of years, feng shui has preached the idea that the outside of life reflects the inside. Your home reflects you. If it's disorganized, your thoughts likely are, too. If your finances are haywire, your emotions may mirror that energetic disarray.

We might not be able to always recognize our internal barriers, because it's easier to see life's complications as random circumstances. But, when you're dealing with long-term issues that don't seem to change, it pays to look at yourself as the ultimate creator of your environment and your life. This will empower you to make the kind of game-changing shifts that will bring you abundance.

Here are a few ways to use feng shui principles to achieve a more prosperous life, inside and out:

1. Happiness is wealth-making energy.

The fastest feng shui way to eliminate unhappiness is to eliminate some clutter...and the more, the better! Many studies have shown that happy people are generally healthier and more successful, so weed out a habit or two that makes you feel unhappy, from binge-watching TV to complaining too much, and watch your energy shift.

2. Vampire energy needs to go.

My clients who are looking to bring more prosperity into their lives and homes are all encumbered with "vampire energy": the draining friendships, the dramatic relationships, the eternally negative colleagues.

While it's wonderful to create healthy boundaries wherever you're being drained, that's just the start of decluttering this life-draining cycle. The bigger question is, If the world is a mirror of you, what is it in you that is allowing this dynamic to happen? Keep this question in mind and try to answer it through introspection journaling, therapy, or any sort of healing practice. Let go of whatever is allowing this draining vampire energy to enter your life, and watch space clear up for your energy to flourish in productive ways.

3. Wellness is everything.

If you're not feeling your best, the foundation of your life isn't really solid. We wouldn't want a house with a foundation that's weak, but it's pretty easy to live with a weak foundation of basic wellness habits in the name of achievement. I see exhausted, stressed, confused, and cluttered people trying to push themselves harder and harder every day, when what they desperately need is sleep, food, exercise, and a big housecleaning. Just adding some more motion to your days—an extra walk, 10 minutes more of running, some stretches—can get abundant energy flowing more freely.

4. Bring more of your greatness to your space—and your life.

When you look around and see your wit, your talent, your style, and your unique gifts reflected all around you, that energy will make its way into your days. Rather than focusing on what you don't have quite yet, you'll start to see more of what you do have. Display collections, crafts, art you've made, awards you've won, and photos of amazing moments throughout your space. Once you're surrounded by reminders of your unique talents and passions, creative energy will follow!

So, yes: Money trees and color and crystals and aromatherapy and thousands of feng shui adjustments all invite abundance into your home. But making internal changes that promote happiness, harmony, love, health, and creativity will give you the greatest foundation for the kind of wealth you're looking for.

Source: www.mindbodygreen.com