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Symbols / October 21, 2022

In this series of articles, well known feng shui expert/consultant -Paul Darby-The Feng Shui Doctor, from British TV, tells us why feng shui is scientific, explains how and why it works!!

I have named three books at the end of this first article, I cannot emphasise how helpful they have all been and recommend them to you. If you only read one out of the three-'The Field' by Lynne McTaggart is superb and goes into great detail about the points I will make throughout these articles!

Over the last two years, following ten years plus of study into the origins and practices of feng shui, I have been studying and reading all I can about Quantum Physics. I wanted to do this because I felt, in the 21st century, there must be proof that chi, natural energy patterns exist- I was not disappointed.

Now I am not a 'quantum' scientific person, but, the books were interesting, and the findings are absolutely astounding. The more I read about the subatomic world of quantum physics, the more that I realised the ancient Chinese had discovered just what made us and our environment tick. They then gave their findings very poetic and metaphorical names, obviously not having the equipment, not really knowing the science behind their findings-just the results which worked for them.

But since the 1950s scientists all over the world, but especially in Europe and North America, have been proving the existence of 'chi' energy, the importance of environment, and the interconnections between us and our surroundings-the vital web-the Tao.

The Sixties band 'The Beach Boys' were right, everything really is 'Good Vibrations'. We know sound is, we have discovered about crystals and colours, but to that add taste, food, diet, air, objects, plants, trees, lights-everything which exists .

We are picking up vibrations all of the time from all of the things which surround us, all of the things we eat and drink-and more importantly-giving these vibrations out as well. Where do these vibrations come from and what effects do they have?

Quantum Physics looks at the subatomic workings of particles and waves of energy produced by everything. In the year 2000, American Scientists called this-'Dark Energy', which sounds like something out of 'Star Wars'. It is also being called 'The Field', 'The Web', amongst other things-but known to the ancient Chinese as the Tao- a field full of chi.

More important than any name however, is the fact that this energy has been proven to bring constant, unconscious communication between everything-get that- CONSTANT and UNCONSCIOUS-what us Buddhists would call 'subtle', and so, for feng shui-just what we have always known to be true, a connection between us and our environment exists-which affects us and our way of life.

Everything is made up of patterns of vibrating particles/waves. On a subatomic level, sometimes, they are particles, sometimes, they are waves. The 'becoming and unbecoming' as the Ancient Taoists called it, between the two, is random, and can change at any time-a creative potentiality, the Chinese always accepted-the cycles and processes of nature-the constant change- the moving from yin to yang.

These vibrations, these patterns, are what the Chinese call the Tao-made up of natural vibrating electro- magnetic energy-a subtle 'photon' light, the web of life, which connects us all-affects us all.

We tap into it, we give to it, we take from it. The Tao is a pulsating natural vast 'Internet' of pure potential which can be drawn upon, by tapping in correctly to the right frequencies, the right wave patterns, the correct vibrations-something which feng shui experts over the centuries have done.

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