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Outdoor Feng Shui

Symbols / October 27, 2023

So you’ve mastered the art of peace and harmony inside of your home, but what happens when you need a little feng shui love under the sun? The patio, deck, rooftop, or backyard is where most of your time will be spent during the next couple of months, so might as well make it a place of calm. Below are five tips for bringing some feng shui to your own personal great outdoors.

Clear the Area
It’s important to cleanse your outdoor space, and that means doing both a wash-down of the surface and clearing out old furniture and decor you might not necessarily need. A big component of achieving harmony through feng shui is surrounding yourself with the things you really, truly love, as this can greatly increase your energy and happiness.

Create Your Bagua
The bagua is the main chart of feng shui. It relates to all aspects of your life and helps you to understand where certain pieces of furniture and decor should be placed. You can make your own or print one out, but once you have it handy, overlay it on the floor plan of your outdoor space.

Consult Your Bagua
Think of this as your feng shui compass, with specified areas like family, wealth, health, et cetera. It works like this: You can arrange your outdoor seating area into the family area of the bagua so that the space feels as comfortable and welcoming as possible (as all outdoor spaces should). Your grill can be placed in the health or wealth corner, as a reminder of an abundance of food.

Be Mindful of Your Senses Outdoors
According to the principles of feng shui, you should be sure to decorate your outdoor space with herbs or fresh, fragrant flowers, as well as wind chimes or a small fountain. These smells and sounds will help keep you serene and grounded while you’re entertaining or lounging alone during the summertime.

Note the Color Schemes
Color is incredibly important in achieving feng shui both indoors and out. When you’re planting your flowers, be sure to include purple or blue varieties in the wealth corner and white, pink, and red flowers in the romance and marriage corner. If you have a fence, red, green, or black paint colors are the best choices, as they are considered lucky.

Source: www.vogue.com