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Main Entrance Feng Shui

Symbols / July 8, 2017

In Feng Shui, main door or entrance is given very high degree of importance and that’s because it’s the main door from where the Qi energy enters into your home.

Now, I’m sure that you’re aware of the problems that very fast or extremely slow moving Qi and misbalance of 5 elements (and colors) can lead to and that’s why its extremely important that you feng shui the entrance of your home.

Here, I’ve assumed that you’re aware of feng shui and concepts of Qi energy; if, by any chance, you aren’t then please read the article @ Feng Shui to understand the concepts. Furthermore, if you’re planning to feng shui your home, then our room by room feng shui guide @ Feng Shui House is surely a big help.

Feng Shui Main Door – Here’s How To Do It

As said earlier, we don’t want very fast or slow moving Qi to enter our home; in fact, the type Qi that we all need – or rather want – to enter our houses is the moderately moving one and that’s because a really fast moving Qi brings in lot of anxiety and an extremely slow one brings lethargy.

Now, in order to have such a Qi enter our home and have a balance of 5 elements, we need to feng shui our house’s entrance and here’s how to do it! (in do’s and don’ts format)

Main Door Feng Shui – What To Follow

  1. Make the entrance, welcoming, cheerful, happy and inviting; all in all, it should be very positive.
  2. Make sure that the main door is larger than other doors.
  3. Let it open inwards and clockwise.
  4. If there’s an altar that faces the living room then it’s very auspicious.
  5. The door must be 90 degrees to the ground and not leaning inwards or outwards.
  6. Use best quality materials for main door.
  7. The main door mustn’t make any noise while opening or closing.
  8. Keep the entrance well lit.
  9. Make sure that the entrance is visible; if it isn’t then place plants and lights to make it visible.
  10. Hang a beautiful name plate and keep it well lit too; this’ll help auspicious opportunities to find you easily.
  11. If there’s a crack or dampness in the main door then either get it repaired or change the door.
  12. Place under the ground or rug inside the main door.
  13. A good feng shui tip is to place a photo of 100 birds near the entrance as it symbolizes 100s of opportunities flying your way.
  14. Placing fortune plants is another good feng shui trick.
  15. Placing plants next to the home’s entrance is very good feng shui; just make sure that the plants don’t block the entrance.
  16. If there’re plants near the entrance of the home then they must be thriving, well maintained and not dead.
  17. A pair of helps to prevent negative energy entering your home.
  18. Placing a inside main door is considered auspicious.
  19. A towards right side of the door is good feng shui; this brings prosperous energy in the house.
  20. Placing statue of any friendly animal, religious figure (such as Buddha) or an angle provides stability.
  21. Put a bright and colorful at the entrance.
  22. Keep the path that leads to your home, clutter free and clean; remove broken sprinklers, old newspapers, dead leaves and plants etc.

Main Door Feng Shui – What To Avoid

  1. No clutter near the entrance.
  2. Avoid sliding, circular or slanting type of doors as entrance.
  3. Avoid another house’s main door facing yours.
  4. No septic tank under the entrance.
  5. Shoes, shoe racks, garbage and dustbins near the main door are a strict no.
  6. Avoid doors that close automatically.
  7. Try to avoid main door that facing intersecting roads.
  8. Poles, trees, wires etc. directly in front of the main door are poison arrows; either avoid such houses or for remedies.
  9. Avoid houses where a shadow from another building or a tree falls on the entrance.
  10. Avoid keeping the main door dull; you can have some nice carving or designs on it.
  11. No mirrors in front of entrance else all positive energy will bounce away from the house.

Main Door Feng Shui – What Colors To Use

Now, it won’t be a new thing if I tell you that colors mean a lot in feng shui; also, as with everything else there are some feng shui tips for choosing colors when it comes to main door.

Feng Shui Home Entrance – The Poison Arrow Angle

Poison arrows are one of the worst things that can point to your home; they tend to alter the movement of calm and positive Qi to a fast and rapidly moving one; and that’s what we – definitely – don’t want to get into our home.

But there’s something more bad about poison arrows and it’s that they’re present in many shapes, ways and forms;

Here are some:

  1. shape edges from another building
  2. staircase in front
  3. cemetery near entrance
  4. Light pole in front of main door

And those are few – in fact – very few.

But that’s certainly not the end of the world as there’re remedies that you can apply if you ever happen to live in a home that’s got poison arrows aimed at it.

Now, depending upon the direction from which the poison arrow is coming towards your home, you need to apply the remedy.

Again, for ease of understanding and simplicity, I’ve created a table that’ll reveal to you the remedies that you can – and must – apply in case you find a poison arrow towards your home.

Here’s the table:

Direction Element To Use Item To Use
North Earth or Wood Place a or crystal
South Water or Earth Place or a crystal
East or South-East Metal or Fire Place a or light
West or North-West Fire or Water Place light or water fountain
South-West or North-East Wood or Metal Place plants or wind chime

Alright, with all this we’ve come to the end of this article about feng shui main door of the house.

I trust and believe that you’re, now, in a position to identify feng shui defects or deficiencies when it comes to house entrances and provide an equally effective remedy for the same.