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Feng Shui water Fountain Placement

Symbols / December 23, 2020

Feng Shui Water Fountains are one of the most important Feng Shui Cures that we can prescribe for your environment. Soothing sounds from a fountain can help reduce stress and instantly bring a feeling of tranquility into a room. Placed purposefully, Feng Shui Fountains may be used indoor or outdoors as Yin energy and
Water Element Cures.

The Feng Shui Cure for too much
Fire Element Energy

As water is the cooling force for active Fire energy, a Feng Shui Water Fountain negates the effect of too much Fire energy with the controlling Water Element.

Feng Shui Fountains
Water Flow Cure for Wealth Attraction

An important part of a Feng Shui Water Element Cure, includes adjusting the water flow. As water is the carrier symbolizing the flow of wealth, an adjustable spout allows the flexibility needed to emphasize the direction of the water flow. Be sure that the flow of your fountain is coming towards you, and not moving away, taking abundance with it.

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Feng Shui Water Fountains
Adjust for Water Flow Direction

For indoor or tabletop fountains, adjust the flow of water to bring wealth and abundance towards you, and not in the direction moving away.

Money Buddha Water Fountains

A water fountain is a great activator
for wealth.

Source: www.feng-shui-vibes.com