Importance of Tortoise and its Direction in Vastu Sashtra

Feng Shui Tortoise Direction

Symbols / May 4, 2022

Place feng shui tortoise in right direction for positive energy

Feng shui recommends the placement of objects in specific directions to have maximum effects.

For instance, if you place feng shui tortoise in an incorrect manner then there will be weakening of the energy in your personal life. Learn about the positioning to evade the ill effects.

Whether it is your workplace, garden or home, you need to place the objects in the right place for positive energy. Remember that tortoise is regarded as a guardian, as it is one of the four celestial animals.

The black tortoise holds the north position with the green dragon holding the east, the red Phoenix placed in the south, and the white tiger positioned in the west. According to feng shui, these four animals control the energy in a person’s life.

Secondly, placing a tortoise or a turtle in the backyard of your workplace or home will result in the abundant availability of energy.

Enhancing your career is best possible with the placement of a black tortoise in the north. Functioning as an energy enhancer, the tortoise empowers your business and career prospects too.

The tortoise also brings stability. Experiencing a stable life in terms of energy levels is easily possible with the controlling of feng shui map or Bagua in a precise way.

Having a tortoise towards the front door facing west will offer more protection.

Fourth use of black tortoise positioning has got direct effects on the inmates at home.

Finding the Kua number along with various other parameters such as the birth element and prevalent feng shui energies for the calendar year is essential.

Apart from the regular black tortoise, there are several tortoises of different patterns and aspects.

Each of them affects your career and prosperity in a unique way. Attractive designs are reflected on the back of every tortoise reflecting a specific requirement. The one you choose depends upon your need and calculations.

Tortoises made from different materials will influence the energy levels.

This approach is similar to that of the use of various coins and gems to gain extra mileage to have prosperity, career growth, peace and love in one’s own life.

Feng shui recommends for the detailed evaluation of your life needs. Decide about the kind of exact tortoise type to be used.

There are feng shui terrapins available to address various problems. However, they should never be mistaken for turtles, as there have different effects.

If you ever face problems of positioning, then facing the tortoise towards the main door is ideal.

Feng shui symbols based on celestial animals are meant to offer you more protection and strength of energy.

Each of the animal’s positioning along with colour and type are clearly mentioned. Moving ahead in career and ensuring more protection for you is effectively possible with the choices you make.

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