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House / October 29, 2017

Feng Shui - Quicken Loans Zing BlogHaving trouble getting your house off the market? Feng shui might be the final element to getting the job done!

Feng shui, pronounced “feng shway, ” is an art of placement that creates a positive flow of energy to influence mental health, relationships and prosperity. It affects people on a subconscious level, which can be very powerful if you’re trying to get someone to purchase your home. Incorporate these feng shui tips into your for-sale home to see fast results!

Create a Good First Impression

The outside of your home is the first thing a buyer sees. It’s where they form a strong initial opinion of the house before entering. It’s important to have the best impression from the start, so make sure everything is perfect from the front door forward.

  • Paint your front door a contrasting color to stand out and bring positive energy.
  • Have a fresh welcome mat to symbolize a new start for the buyer.
  • Arrange potted plants around the front door to create a sense of energy that will flow into the home with the buyer.
  • Remove all cobwebs from the porch.
  • Make sure the doorknob is shiny and clean, no rust!

Create an Open Flow of Traffic

When buyers enter the home, they should never have to trip over a bulky rug or bump into an end table to get to the next room of the house. Create open and clear walkways throughout the house. Creating flow from room to room is very important; otherwise, the buyer will feel cramped and cluttered by things in the way, resulting in distress on a subconscious level.

Once the walkways are open, remove any extra pieces of furniture from the home to create larger open spaces. This will give potential buyers a feeling of possibility and allow them to picture their own furniture in the space more easily.

Think About Furniture Placement

No one likes to enter the room to people’s backs. Create an open concept with your furniture to invite people to sit down. Try not to have the backs of furniture be the first thing a buyer sees when entering a room. Furniture is best up against walls or in corners, centering around a main focus. This will make buyers feel welcome and more comfortable entering the room enough to see themselves relaxing in the space.

Give the Proper Artistic Touch

Adding pieces of art to rooms provides a great energy for the buyer, but you have to be strategic about it. It’s important to have artwork that correctly matches the atmosphere of the room. You won’t want to put a busy, sharp, dark-colored painting in a bedroom where one is supposed to come to unwind and escape at the end of the day. The buyer may not specifically identify the painting as the thing that deterred them from the bedroom, but on a subconscious level, the painting will cause them stress. Stick to nature, soft colors and calm pieces of art for bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’re unsure about buying new pieces for this purpose, consider renting art. It’s an expense that will really pay off in the end. A room with white, bare walls will limit the buyer’s imagination of what he or she could do with the room.

Get the Goodbyes Out of the Way

Selling your home can be very nostalgic, and it can be hard to fully let go. If you’re still feeling an attachment, it may be affecting the success of your house on the market. According to, the emotions and energy will carry over into the process of selling your house. As a seller, it’s important to fully let go of your house and look forward to your future residence. A good way to do this is to go through every room of the house, thank it for the memories and say your goodbyes. This will give you a great deal of closure on a conscious and a subconscious level.