Your Handy Feng Shui Guide To Career Success

Feng Shui TIPS for Success

Symbols / January 17, 2021

Feng shui sure has many tips and cures to help you advance your career and attract the energy of success. It is important to understand that both your home and your office have to have good feng shui energy, because your personal energy is connected to both your home and your office.

Before implementing feng shui cures and tips specifically for career success, look into the basics of good feng shui.

You need to have this knowledge in order to create a strong foundation for any other feng shui cures to really work long term.

To use feng shui for career success, you will have to be very clear on two things:

How does the overall energy of success feel and look to you? How will your home and office change once you have the success you want? Do not allow any blocking thoughts to stay in your way, such as the thought that you need more money in order to create a feng shui space for success. This is not true. A space that is clean, fresh and free of clutter has nothing to do with having more money, but it does reflect a mind or a personality that is clear in what it wants and is ready to go for it.

What does the specific energy of career success in your field look like? You need to create a strong visual anchor in order to attract more career success by being very clear as to how this energy is expressed in your specific career.

So, if you are a writer, for example, use photos of successful authors (maybe even with their autographs), images of the best writing conferences that you would like to be invited to, etc. These are just examples, as you are the only one who knows best what you dream of.

After you spend some time defining these two very important feng shui factors for career success, choose feng shui tips and cures from the list below and be sure to apply them in your home and in your office.

1. Feng Shui Your North, South and Northwest Bagua Areas. In feng shui, specific bagua areas are connected to specific areas of your life. North is directly connected to your career, South carries the energy of fame and reputation, and good feng shui in the Northwest can help attract many helpful people in your life.

2. Position Your Desk and Your Bed in A Feng Shui Commanding Position. Having your desk and your bed in a feng shui commanding position will help strengthen your personal energy. This will ultimately position you in a powerful spot when you most need it, be it in your career or in your personal life. If you want to be successful in your career, study the habits of successful people in your field, especially their work habits, and do your best to create the same quality of energy for yourself.

3. Apply Feng Shui Office Tips and Always Keep the Energy Fresh. Study all the office feng shui tips, from the use of best office plants to the positioning of art, and be sure to keep the energy free and flowing at all times.

Do not block it with clutter and items you no longer need or use. You can choose to decorate your office with traditional feng shui cures and symbols of success, such as the feng shui dragon or the horse. You can also use personal items that have a powerful career success energy for you.

When I say to keep the energy free and flowing, I do not mean to start going around your office with a big smudge stick every morning (this might achieve the opposite effect, unless you work from a home office). Use feng shui in a subtle way, see if any of the space clearing techniques can be implemented in your daily life, including your time in the office. Clear clutter, move the objects around, and start each day with a clean desk—it's the simple things and the often overlooked details that make the bigger picture of success.

When you allow every single day to become a fresh new beginning, you will start attracting powerful energy: Strong energy to nourish every area of your life, not just your career. Ultimately, we want a successful career in order to feel a sense of completion or purpose to our life, which actually goes much deeper than just success in your chosen field.