Your Handy Feng Shui Guide To Career Success

Feng Shui Tips for Career

Symbols / December 21, 2021

Now on this following passage we are going to discuss the details about feng shui tips that can help you to advance in your career and make good amount of money.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese technique for a wealthy and prosperous life. It actually detects if the surrounding environment is good for you or not. Some people believe and some think it just a superstition.

Believers believe that feng shui can change your life totally. Positive qi can make you successful. So many persons are there who practice feng shui and popular also.


Today every person wants money and wealth, success in career life, harmony in our home, and love in relationships too. But due to huge pressure and stress it can’t possible in some cases. So many people work hard but can’t get that much success. When they become unsuccessful and sad, really very sad, then they invite feng shui in their lives.

Today we are talking about some feng shui tips that can really help you in terms of career and money. You need to know about some tips. Feng shui has many tips for career growth. Your home and your office both should be have positive vibration. Your personal energy is connected to both your residence and workplace.

1. Know your areas: Your career is directly connected to the North. South is for reputation and fame. So as per feng shui The Northwest will help attract helpful people in your professional life.

2. Position you’re bed and desk: Your personal energy will increase if you use the positions told by feng shui. Always think positive to increase your personal energy.

3. Feng shui tips for the office: Keeping the office neat and tidy is very good because energy can flow freely. Don’t gather unnecessary things in your office. Feng shui dragon or the horse can be used to increase your success chances.

4. Feng shui horse: The horse carries the energy of success, fame, freedom and speed hence placing it in north is good for your career.

5. Fire element decor: use a décor related fire and place it in South, Southwest, Center and Northeast areas. The East, Southeast, West, Northwest and North areas are strongly recommended to avoid.

6. Feng shui dragon: The dragon is very powerful and auspicious in traditional feng shui. It symbolizes strong male energy or yang. The dragon claw is a symbol of wealth, power and a source of opportunities. The golden dragon can be placed in East for wealth and abundance.

7. Water element decor: A fountain is a great idea to bring the water element in the office or home. It can be placed in the North, East and Southeast but avoid Southwest, West, Northwest and Northeast areas.

8. Classical Chinese feng shui money frogs: A three legged bull frog holding too many coins in its mouth is very auspicious in terms of wealth. It is believed to be the guardian of house wealth.

9. Fu dogs: These are also very popular wealth protectors.

10. The feng shui money tree and Chinese coins money tree: Some bonsai trees and a tree filled with hanging coins are also very good for wealth.

11. Chinese jade Buddha: This is a symbol of good luck and fortune. It is great for career and money. Besides these there are also many things that are helpful for your career and money. researchgate rtve