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Feng Shui plants for front of House

House / November 16, 2016


Feng Shui Plants

Plants represent the most positive attributes of the growing wood element – the only element amongst the five elements that has life. Plants possess intrinsic yang energies that enhance all the space around them. Plants also manifest the balance of yin and yang in the garden, responding to the mix of sunlight and shade, water, and nutrients from the soil.

To create a space with good feng shui, the use of plants is absolutely necessary. If you want good garden feng shui, you must spend time creating the right mix of plants, and this mix should take note of orientations, shapes and colours. There are also auspicious and inauspicious plants and depending on where you live in the world, it is a good idea to examine the qualities that make a plant auspicious and the characteristics that make a plant inauspicious.

  1. A garden planted with an abundance of healthy plants and flowers is the best indication that a house is enjoying good feng shui: it reflects the presence of healthy yang energy, which is synonymous with prosperous, happy and vibrant Chi.
  2. Gardens are as important as the actual house, because if they are unkempt and overgrown, they can destroy the existing good feng shui of the home.
  3. Select plants and flowers wisely according to soil type, sunlight and the climatic conditions of the garden.
  4. Never allow plants to grow wild or unchecked.
  5. Do not allow weeds to choke flowerbeds and always clear up leaves and other garden debris.
  6. The Chinese appreciate every part of the plant - leaves, flowers and fruit - as well as shape and silhouette. They bestow particular cultural attributes on four plants, known as the Four Gentlemen of the Garden. These benevolent men are:
    • The plum, whose blossom are regarded as pure and superior.
    • The bamboo, which is disciplined and upright.
    • The orchid, which is reclusive and strong in character.
    • The chrysanthemum, which is pureand honest.

In feng shui, certain plants are more auspicious than others. Succulent plants with round full leaves and rich dark leaves are deemed to be the most auspicious and therefore the best. They symbolize money and gold.