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Feng Shui office plants

Symbols / July 29, 2023

Feng Shui for office is an important concept. The whole concept of Feng Shui has been established in order to promote better understanding, balance and equilibrium in one's life. Feng Shui can bring about good Chi or positive energy into one's life, even in an official setting. It can help people establish a better relation with one another in the official environment and make them get more work done.

Feng Shui ideas for offices vary, depending on what exactly people are trying to achieve with the help of this. People spend a lot of time in the office, almost as many hours as they spend at home, in fact. The work environment has to be maintained in a positive way so that people will be able to deliver to the best of their capabilities. If you have not been paying any attention to your Chi in the office or the Feng Shui situation of your office, it is not too late. You can always improve it now. This will help you pay more attention to what is happening in your work place, it can help you figure out how to handle work pressure and improve your relation with fellow workers as well.
One can make use of the following to make sure that your well being in the office atmosphere is taken well care of.

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  1. Avoid Sha-chi: Sha-chis are the arrows pointed at ones back. While the power of the Sha- chi is usually not considered to be really strong, they are actually quite strong. They can cause some bad-mouthing, gossiping or talking behind one's back, which is definitely a minus point. Sha-chi can also take a dip on one's positive energy and leave one drained as well.
  2. Get strong Feng Shui symbols: If you want to make the influence of Feng Shui in office better, the first thing you should do is to get some strong Feng Shui symbols in your office. This will help create some strong positive fields around the office and soon, it might even affect the kind of relationship you have with the rest of the people in your office. Say, for example, it would make sense for you to buy a large plant for your office, with a good earthenware pot, so that the maximum effects of the Feng Shui symbols are felt.
  3. Avoid facing any other rooms: Make sure that when you look up from the desk or your work station, you have to look at elevators, reception, water coolers, restrooms etc. This position can be a distractive and negative force of Feng Shui in offices.
  4. Balance yin and yang: Make sure that yin and yang is balanced. Rough and smooth textures, dark and light colours, bright and dark lighting, etc. should be contrasted and matched so that both the elements combine to provide the best chi for the office.
  5. Avoid having mirrors: Mirrors reflect and they might reflect any negative energy from the customers or the colleagues in your office. Since you need to maintain positive chi that is derived from within, you have to make sure that you avoid these methods of influence.
  6. Plants form an integral part: One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui ideas for offices is plants. You have to make sure that there are number of plants in the office, especially in the cubicle. Plants help create an atmosphere that resembles that of a forest, which is really good in an office atmosphere, for it can soak any negative energy and release positive energy.
  7. Specific plants: If you are trying to figure out what plants to get, there are a few really good options. They are good for office Feng Shui and they are strong. The first suggestion would be golden pothos (a plant that is rich, looks good and is easy to take care of), Jenny Craig Dracaena (a plant you can have a lot of), Areca palm, etc. These are plants that can promote office Feng Shui for they can purify the air in their surroundings.
  8. Use rocks and crystals: When you buy the plant, you will buy a pot for it. In the soil of the pot, put some crystals and rocks as well. This is a symbol of wealth in Feng Shui and it can help harness your concentration and promote your wealth in life. The best part about these crystals and rocks will be the fact that you can keep them hidden, so that nobody would see them and invoke any negative energy or feeling towards them.
  9. Use an aquarium: It would be really beneficial for you to have an aquarium in the east, southeast or the northern part of the workspace. The aquarium, in its best form, would contain some black or blue fish. Guppies, arrowana etc. are considered to be important fish in the Feng Shui tradition. This is an important aspect of Feng Shui for offices.
  10. Represent metal element: Have a safe placed in the north or the west part of your office, to represent the element of metal. This is the element that is directly related to promoting prosperity, financial success and progress.
  11. Use bamboo: Bamboo has always been a lucky symbol for Feng Shui for offices. You can bring some lucky bamboo into your office work space. It is best if the bamboo is kept right next to the computer, for this will enhance the peaceful energy of the office and reduce the negativity or the distraction that surrounds the computer. The bamboo should be kept on the side that faces the entrance into your room or your cubicle. It would be helpful if you put some rocks and crystals in the bamboo plant's pot as well.
  12. Focus on the computer: It is important to make the computer as risk free as possible. For this, one has to make sure that the computer is placed on the right side and is surrounded by an open shelf. This will reduce distractions and make one easily susceptible to calming influences.
  13. Keep your cubicle organized: Nothing can destroy Feng Shui for offices more than clutter and disorganization. A disorganized work- place is a sign of a disorganized mind and this certainly will not help. Hence, it would be best to minimize any distraction or negative tension in your office with the help of organization of the workplace.
  14. Sit in a corner: Sit in the corner that is far from the entrance to your work spot. This is the way in which you can attain a command level and maximize your power in the work areas.
  15. Keep your back towards wall: Make sure that your back is facing towards a wall or a corner. Your back should not jut out or protrude. In case it does protrude, use some foliage to drape this protrusion.
  16. Keep something tall behind: It would be beneficial for your back to be towards something that is big or mountainous as well.
  17. Have a focal point: Having a focal point in the workplace would be a good idea. This place can be the spot where the strongest Feng Shui symbol in your work spot is kept. This will help in the concentration of energy and it can certainly help improve a person's focus when they are working as well.
  18. Put your computer in the right place: The computer should either go in the northern part or the western part of your work space. These are important Feng Shui tips for offices, for these are the corners that promote work, efficiency and creativity as well.
  19. Avoid sitting along the door: One should never sit in a straight line from the door. This does not only have a distractive effect, it also puts one in direct line of negativity and negative energy.
  20. Face away from the door: It might be bad for you to face away from the door if you run your own business or you work independently. If you work independently, sitting with your back turned to the door would be symbolic of shunning a lot of important opportunities.
  21. Have a strong visual presence: Having some photos...