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Feng Shui Main Door / February 6, 2018

Derelle Ball

When I decided to write about the topic of feng shui and your main door I soon realised there is so much to cover just on this one topic alone, so I’ve broken up this article into a series of sub sections discussing the main feng shui considerations when it comes to assessing the quality of qi (living energy) at your main door.

What Do You First See When Entering Your Home?

When a visitor to your home first enters via the main door, what do they see upon entering your home? This first initial visual inside your home tells us a lot about the occupants. Is a visitor confronted with a blank wall, a dark or well-lit entry, a beautiful artwork, a large mirror reflecting themselves or a beautiful view of the garden, fearsome statues, a stairway pointing directly towards the door, or perhaps a clear unobstructed view directly towards the back door?

Psychologically, the entry foyer conveys a lot about the occupants of your home, so it pays to keep the entry foyer (and main door) well maintained, clutter free, aesthetically pleasing to the senses and decorated in such a way as to tie in with your personal character and values as well as addressing the inherent flying star energy flow affecting the main ‘water mouth’ entry into your home.

The quality and character of qi in regard to the water star energy at your main door tells us a lot about the abundance potential of the home and ways in which you can attract and accumulate this energy, or if necessary, deflect and reduce qi.

If you regularly keep both the main door and rear door open at the same time and there is no furniture positioned between the 2 doorways, then energy is being regularly pulled into and out of your home between the open doorways too quickly before it has time to accumulate and meander into the rest of your home.

If there is a long straight stairway directly confronting you as you stand in the main doorway looking in, then energy is pushing towards you as you enter and thus unbalancing the qi flow. There are various ways in which to partially ground the energy at the base of the stairs, depending on the inherent energy and how far away the base of the stairway is from the main door.

For some homes, there is great potential to attract very fortunate energy via the strategic placement of an external water feature such as a pond or fountain which has the capability of communicating abundance energy directly towards the door which (if properly activated) can become a perpetual transmitter/receiver of the positive energy. Various Xuan Kong Water Formulae and Da Gua methodologies, when correctly applied, can help you tap into the purest and most potent source of qi at your main door and direct it into your home where it can quickly benefit the occupants.

Of course, not all main doors should automatically have ponds or fountains positioned nearby. In many cases, this is actually the worst thing you could do for the financial ‘luck’ of your home. Now when I say luck, I’m really referring to Labour Under Correct Knowledge. When you apply authentic Xuan Kong Feng Shui to your home and surrounding landform, it’s possible to ascertain an inherent energy blue print of your home which indicates the potential strengths and weaknesses, and the correct application of various Xuan Kong methodologies in connection to the 4 Pillars astrology of each individual living in your home, can help you make the most of the energy in that location.

And unfortunately there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ scenario that can automatically be applied to every building around the world no matter where it’s located or when it was constructed. I wish! Do not assume the Southeast Sector or far left hand corner of your home is automatically your ‘wealth’ corner and so on. This is bogus and gets a lot of people into real trouble when they install large water features or paint walls red on the assumption that this cookie cutter approach automatically applies to every building.

If you place a dragon headed tortoise or continually waving mechanical cat near your main door, you cannot assume this figurine will magically attract good fortune to your home while you, meanwhile sit on your butt and do nothing. This is like believing, “when I grow up I will not have to get any education or have to work, observe, learn and grow in my experience in order to make money and find my life’s passion and purpose. I just have to win lotto or wait for my Knight in shining armour or my Queen of fortune to find and marry me”.

Good fortune symbols connect to your personal goals and aspirations via their symbolic meaning and help serve as positive reminders of the path you aim to take. They are symbolic - not magic!

Main Door on Different Side to the Facing Side of Your Home

Some people wrongly assume the main door to your home automatically equates to the ‘facing side’ when determining the fei xing/flying star orientation and subsequent Natal Chart of the building. For some this is certainly the case, however there are many cases where the main door is located on the side of the home or (depending on the surrounding landform) what would be considered the rear of the home. This can occur (for example) in regard to a home with a road, main door and garage on one side and an expansive view of the ocean or a lake on the other side.

Another example is apartments with an internal main door accessed from inside the building. Often the facing side of the apartment is the side where you have a large balcony attached to the main living area.

Ming Tang

When you stand in your main doorway looking out, what do you see? Is the view pleasing to the senses? One thing I’ve learnt over the 16 years I’ve been practicing feng shui professionally is that qi responds very well to beauty and aesthetics. If you take pride in your front yard and look after it and make an effort to ensure it is visually pleasing to the eye, then it will be less problematic for you in the long run.

The Ming Tang is the area outside the main door. This is a very important location because the energy generated and retained in this location can be very positive or negative for the occupants of the home and should be addressed accordingly.