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Feng Shui Lucky Color

Symbols / November 23, 2020

It is just done for attracting positive qi. Some people think that it is only for wealthy people because doing architectural changes is not an easy thing. But there is a cheap version also.

Practitioners give you tips on changing everyday items, colors in your dressing, purses and shoes. It all done for positive vibrations.

We can have a wealthy life just putting some feng shui items in house such as feng shui frogs, jade Buddhas, money trees. There is a smart and cheap way also for a wealthy life-your wallet.

Some people may say they are a big spender, so it happens. We sometimes also hear about some people who don’t have much income but they can get money in their wallet all the time. Now what are you going to say? He’s a big saver! Feng shui has the answer, wallet color.

Yes wallet color also can be the reason for your empty or full wallet. Every person needs money but if you have a good income but can’t hold that, it is a big problem. Same as those who don’t have and always want money, more money.

Feng shui states that your wallet also needs good treatment. Wallets are the home of your wealth and money, and they don’t like ill treatment. Always put your wallet in a safe place when you are back home, keep it clean also for positive qi.

We need some tips related to our wallet to always keep money in it. Wallet color is not just a color it is the symbol of the owner’s nature also. We are going to list some colors of wallets that really help you to increase your qi or chee.

Black and blue: Black and blue are the colors of the water element. It associates with the wealth trigram in the babua technique in feng shui. Water is also linked with your money in feng shui. Especially black color attracts money to your wallet. Every time you open it for any purchase it evokes the feelings and attracts wealth.

Keith WeberRed: Red is the most auspicious and lucky color in feng shui. It symbolizes the element fire. Some thought it’s a vibrant color for a wallet. In that case they can carry a reddish black wallet. Though some feng shui experts warn about having a red wallet may evoke the fire element and make you a big spender.

Green: It is the color of the wood element. It is also associated with growth and positive qi of life. Green attracts wealth also. If you use green you will get an ample option of opportunity. This color is very lucky for that person who is related to business. It will increase their idea and creativity.

Yellow, brown and beige: These are earth colors. These colors give your wealth stability and help you save money. It also protects your money. If you are big spender then a brown color wallet would be the best option for you.

White, grey, silver or gold: These are metal element colors. These colors also hold your wealth, make it stable and permanent. Gold is always related with luxury. So now you know the fact that gold wallets can give you a luxurious life.