How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home with 5 Cleansing Rituals

Feng Shui House Cleansing

House / March 3, 2020

In feng shui, it is recommended to do a deep space clearing at least once a year. It is also recommended to do space clearing after an intense negative event, such as a divorce, for example, or before moving into a house that might have many negative energies (as in a foreclosure house.)

Let the word "major" not scare you. Just read to understand the principles and basic methodology of a deep space clearing session and see if you can do it.

Maybe you would like to change some elements, or modify and omit some steps. Experiment and see what works, but do not avoid the process completely.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 45 min to 1 hour

Here's How:

Step # 1. Think of best timing, plan and prepare for your feng shui and space clearing session. Find the best day and time when you will not be rushed or disturbed. The optimum time for a feng shui space clearing session is in between 11 am and 1 pm. Do not start later than 3 pm.

Step # 2. Be sure you have all the materials you need (listed below). Also be sure to prepare a spot that will center the energies - an altar - on which you will place all the needed space clearing tools. This can be your dining table, or the fireplace mantel, or something similar with easy access to it.

Step # 3. Be sure you feel balanced, be sure your energy is calm and clear. See what works best to put you into the right frame of mind: it might be an early morning walk in the woods or maybe a yoga class.

Step # 4. Do your best to set up your altar as a beautiful, inspiring energy spot. The very minimum for a feng shui space clearing altar are candles and incense (purifying Fire element) and fresh flowers (Wood element).

The other three feng shui elements can be presented as following: Water as a small bowl with pure water; Metal as a clear glass candleholder, plus the metal bells used for space clearing; Earth as natural rock crystals. Use your sense of beauty while creating your energy spot - the feng shui space clearing altar. Do not fret over the rules, experiment and see what works for you.

Step # 5. Turn on the music and place at least one candle in each room. Try to sense the energy in each room and connect to it. You can also go into each room with your incense stick to spread the gentle sweet scent in preparation for the session. Be sure to have at least one window open to allow stale energy to leave and fresh energy to enter.

Now you are ready to start!

Step # 6. Roll up your sleeves (you will sense the energy better this way) and do the following: starting at the main door and moving clockwise, clap strongly into each corner of your house. A clap from the lowest level to as high as you can reach to the ceiling. You will feel a huge difference in the quality of energy as the sound of clapping will be different depending on the accumulated energy.

Continue clapping until you feel a clear difference in the sound (it will feel more crisp and clear when the energy is cleansed). When finished, be sure to wash your hands up to elbows in cool water.