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Feng Shui Hallway Color

Colors / February 12, 2020

Question: We have a long narrow hallway in our home that feels like bad feng shui. What can I do to improve it, any helpful feng shui tips?

Answer: Yes, your feeling is right - a long narrow hallway is considered bad feng shui if not taken care of properly. The reason the feng shui of a long narrow hallway is bad is because the energy of a long hallway has a combination of rushing Sha Chi and, in most cases, stagnant energy (Si Chi).

If you have some windows in the hallway or light coming through open doors, you are lucky, as this brings better energy. If not, you will just have to create it.

  1. The length of the hallway as compared to the width.
  2. The positioning of doors and windows in your hallway.
  3. What is happening at the end of the hallway?

These factors are important, as they will determine the choice of best feng shui cures. For example, a long hallway that has some natural light cam greatly benefit from a smart positioning of mirrors. However, if you have a bedroom door at the end of the hallway, you will have to be careful as to how your position your mirrors so as not to weaken the feng shui energy entering your bedroom.

Your goal is to bring vibrant, alive and smoothly flowing energy to the low energy of a narrow hallway. Here are 4 feng shui tips for you:

  1. Colorful art and vibrant images always bring good energy to a stagnant space, so they are often used in the decor of a long hallway. However, a big mistake (from a feng shui point of view) is to arrange the art in a straight line. This will only emphasize the Sha Chi that you want to soften, so do not do that. In using feng shui for a long hallway, art should always be arranged in a creative gallery style on both walls, so as to create a sense of natural flow and a visual adventure.

Source: www.thespruce.com