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Feng Shui Fountain Placement

Symbols / July 28, 2022

Owning a home is exciting. Everyone likes his or her own space. You can choose your finishes, color, floors, paint, and anything else that comes with purchasing and decorating your home.

There are so many decisions to make it can make your head spin. You just have to be methodical. When you are in the early stages of decorating, you want to have an idea how you want your new home to feel. Many people rely on Feng Shui for guidance.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement. The direction of your front door is an important decision when looking for a house. For example, you do not want a straight path or a narrow hallway from your front door to a window or door in the back of the home. The belief is that the good energy will enter the front and travel straight out the back. It is important for the energy to flow to other areas of the home.

Color is also important. A good example is a red door in your entryway, which will bring wealth, health, and harmony to the home. Colors inside your home are just as important. The colors should flow from room to room, disbursing energy throughout the spaces.

A water feature is another desirable element in Feng Shui. Placed correctly by the front entryway and flowing towards the home symbolizes the flow of wealth and happiness. If you would rather have the waterfall inside the home, be sure it does not flow toward any doors or windows. It should always flow towards the center or the heart of the home.

Feng Shui also plays a part in landscaping your home. So many times, you'll see homes with shrubs around the base of the home. This actually plays a part in keeping the energy at bay. A winding path, beautiful flowers, rock features, and lush greenery not only improve the curb appeal, it welcomes you into the home. Nothing can be more gratifying than the feeling of peace when approaching one's residence.

After a delightful walk to the front entry, the feeling of calm should continue. The placement of your furniture will direct your guests and your good fortune into each room. You do not want to block or inhibit the path or face away from an entryway. Every corner of a room has a specific role in Feng Shui.

A living area should have a warm conversation area. Sofas and chairs, if possible, should be about three inches off the floor, permitting floor to ceiling energy flow. In a bedroom, position the bed facing the door. Nightstands should be three feet from the edge of the bed, space permitting. An office desk should also face the door. These decorating practices are the same for any room.

There are also certain areas of the home that color and placement enhance good fortune. The east is the area of love chi while the west is the home and family chi. Fame is the south and business is the north. Each space, if designed according to Feng Shui philosophy, will bring in the good and drive out the bad. And we all want peaceful and prosperous energy in our homes and our lives.