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Feng Shui for Romance

Symbols / June 29, 2023

27 Feng Shui Tips to Rev Up Your Romance1. Place objects in pairs in your bedroom (two candles, two hearts, a vase with two equal size flowers) to enhance your romance or marriage.
2. A bedroom should be for rest and romance only, so remove things that keep you from focusing on love - especially clutter, dirty clothes, and the cat’s litter box.
3. Replace any furniture that is broken, stained, torn, or that has any unpleasant associations with past relationships.
4. If you are single, clear some room in your closet and hang several empty hangers to demonstrate you are ready to share your space with someone special.
5. Hang artwork in your bedroom that has romantic or paired themes, like two flowers, two chairs facing the sunset, or even a graphic of two giraffes with their necks intertwined.
6. Get rid of the bed and mattress from a previous relationship because when you sleep on them you sleep with the negative energy from your former lover.
7. Remove photos of your children, parents, and pets from your bedroom so they won’t be “watching” you in bed.
8. Display a current photo of you and your spouse or partner doing something fun together; if you aren’t in a relationship right now, display a romantic image.
9. Place a pair of night tables in your bedroom; for singles the second table invites a partner into your bedroom, for couples it encourages equality in your relationship.
10. Clear out part of your medicine cabinet or a shelf in your bathroom so a lover has room to fill in the empty space with his or her toiletries.
11. Remove artwork from your bedroom if it shows a solitary or lonely scene; replace it with images of happy couples to make you more receptive to a relationship.
12. Display a bowl of candy kisses in the Love/Marriage area of your bedroom to sweeten your relationship.
13. Paint your walls a “skin-tone” color like ivory, beige, rose, brown, or chocolate; avoid painting your bedroom lavender unless you never want to have sex again because this is the color of chastity, great for your teenager’s room, but not for yours.
14. If your love life has gone stale, treat yourself to new, luxurious bedding to freshen your relationship and encourage your spouse or partner to linger in bed with you.
15. Make sure you have the right size bed for your relationship; if the bed is too big, partners can drift apart; if it is too small, they can feel limited in the relationship.

Source: fengshuiforreallife.com