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Feng Shui for moving into New Home

Symbols / April 19, 2021

A new home means a new chapter. Moving is also a key event in feng shui, as it is symbolic of a new cycle and the opportunities for growth up ahead

According to Hanz Cua, a widely recognized feng shui expert in the Philippines: “Whenever you start a new venture, develop real estate, or make major appliance purchases, you carry out an action that creates disruptive changes in the energy of your environment.”

The same is said about moving to new house, as there is no change more significant than actually relocating to a new environment altogether. While seemingly complex, feng shui rituals for moving to a new house are actually easy to do, and a few basics can help you achieve the right balance for your new home.

Move in at the Right Time

As most feng shui experts would agree, it is not just about how you move to a new home, but when. It is recommended to choose a suitable auspicious date and time that is according to the Chinese Almanac.

The birth data of the family members should also be calculated, with priority going to the head of the family and factored for best results. It is expected that not everyone would be well versed in this, so referring to a feng shui expert would be best.

Free the Space of Clutter

An orderly space free of clutter is the best feng shui foundation of a new home. Decluttering should apply to both the home you will vacate, and the home you will move into. By way of space clearing, the imprint of the old atmosphere and its former inhabitants is removed and allows for fresh energy to take its place.

This ritual is fairly simple, as physically cleaning up and prepping the space is sufficient, coupled with the burning of incense to further “cleanse” the atmosphere.

Be Colorful

Vibrant colors invite positive energy, and if narrowed down to one, masters in feng shui recommend blue for 2016

Another recommendation by feng shui experts like Hanz Cua is the donning of festive colors to invite positive energy into the home. This can be done at the outset by selecting certain colors for the clothing one sports during the move, as well as when the new home is initially decorated.

Speaking of color xfwxyasxactscwwfyb, if you have to single one out to keep your move to a new home uniform, experts recommend blue for 2016. The color is said to signify optimism, cheerfulness, and family gatherings (a key activity in most new homes).

Establish a Base with Tradition

During the time of your residence, you will likely continue to arrange your living space based on several feng shui principles. Since moving is the onset of your stay, it is important to start off on the right foot, following traditional feng shui and completing some long standing traditions.

1. Rice and Red Pockets

When stepping into the home for the first time during the move, make sure to carry a container filled with rice and two red pockets. This ritual is said to help invite wealth and fortune.

2. Begin with the Bedrooms

The supposed next step into inviting positive energy into a new home is setting up the beds. Associated with fortune and happiness, the key to doing this properly is the right order: bed sheet, blankets, and then pillows. Experts say it should be done in haste, as the sooner order is achieved in the bed settings, the better your prospects for the future will be.

Feng shui dictates to conduct a move to a new home only with immediate family, and to establish the new bedrooms first. Photo via IngImage

3. Family First

Moving is a strictly family affair and should not include guests. Experts suggest the housewarming be treated as a separate matter for a separate day, with only immediate family members taking part in the move.

Quarreling, fighting, scolding children, throwing a tantrum, crying, and losing one’s temper must also be avoided on the day of moving, as all these actions supposedly symbolize unhappiness and a lack of harmony in the family.

Finally, in Chinese culture, respecting parents and ancestors is the top virtue. In the event that you are one with a penchant for having shrines in your home, you should rearrange your moving steps and make setting up any shrines the top priority.

Source: www.lamudi.com.ph