Fire Feng Shui Element Decorating Tips

Feng Shui fire colors

Colors / July 6, 2020

Easy feng shui decorating with the fire element: bring passion, success and romance into your life

The energy of the fire feng shui element is the energy of the bright sun, happy celebrations, and glorious, joyful achievements. Fire element also brings the energy of strong sexual desire, passion and romance. It warms your heart, nourishes and sustains you.

There can be no life on this planet without the life-giving energy of the sun, and there can be no good feng shui energy in any space without the bright, bold and happy energy of the fire feng shui element.

So, how do you decorate with this powerful feng shui element?

This is true of any feng shui element, of course, but especially so of the fire element as it can literally burn down your energy (when it is too strong compared to other feng shui elements).

So, let’s look at the dos and don’ts of the fire feng shui element use in successful decorating of a happy home or a productive office (you know you can use feng shui to decorate any space, from a garden to a small office cubicle and even your car!)

As personal understanding and experience is the unspoken (and glorious!) rule of the successful feng shui decorating, I always encourage my readers to start with a personal connection with the feng shui element they need to bring into their home. Search for a personal memory, impression or a good idea that speaks to you of fiery energy.

How do you feel the fire energy? How would you express it? Fire feng shui element is in the warming glow of the candle, the sensual warmth and light of the bedroom fireplace, and the mystery of breathtaking sunsets.

Fire feng shui element is also in the “Danger” and “Stop” signs, in the ravaging forest fires and destructive human emotions such as rage and violence.

As always with good feng shui, it is all about finding the right balance; too little fire and the house has no happy energy, too much fire and you can literally watch tempers rise and conflicts abound.

Personally for me, fire is warmth, relaxation and sensuality, it is a heart opening and joy giving element. Fire is also creativity, passion and fun. I have a lot of fire in my own personal energy, and I love its creative, bright and happy presence in my office area.

In our living space, though, it works best to tone it down a bit. I find it more restful this way and it certainly also works best for my family. It is a fine balancing act of strengthening fire in areas where it needs to be strong without overwhelming me or my family members.

I am structuring the fire feng shui element decorating basics in 3 clear and easy sections: “When”, “Where” and “How”; and then the infographic below should help assimilate and apply the feng shui info.