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Feng Shui Main Door / October 25, 2019


International Medium & Intuitive Coach

As an expert who works with invisible "energies" every day, it's not surprising I like to make sure that my environment, which can and will affect me, is taken into consideration. Namely, the energy or Qi that flows, or isn't flowing, according to the ancient Eastern practice of Feng Shui. If you haven't had your home or condo "Feng Shui'd", you might want to consider it. I had an expert in.Let me share just one of the basics I learned regarding the placement of mirrors near your front door.

There is one easy thing you can adjust right away and relatively easily. Don't have a mirror positioned in line with your front door. This is because the mirror will reflect away any of the good feng shui energy coming through the door. The main purpose of a mirror is to reflect the energy back. Hence being able to see ourselves.

The front door is like the mouth of a human...

It allows nourishment in. If the mirror is directly in line with the front door, either reposition it to no longer face the mirror, remove it or if you can't do either of those solutions, think creatively.

Paint the mirror's surface or use wallpaper or hang another painting over it to cover it up or alternatively, place a piece of furniture or a plant in front of it. Whatever keeps in line with your taste, but achieves this Sheng Chi effect. (IE. Attracting good Qi).

Hang up a picture or painting of what you want more of in your life. Make it the first thing you see when you first walk in your home.

I remember having a huge picture of a sailing ship in our last apartment and within six months of moving in we were in sailing lessons as soon as the good weather came. Have a look at what you see when you first enter. Is it something you want more of in your life? As we know, visualisation is one of the key manifesting tools. You see it, you can have it.

Very often I tell this tip to single clients to have them not only check their entrances, but check their whole apartment to be sure the pictures they are hanging are scenes of a couples. Your visual cues carry so much energy and act like magnets. So next time you enter your apartment take a look, walk around to see what is really serving you. Switch up what isn't. See if you can shift your life in a new desired direction. For some help:

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