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Feng Shui door Bell

Feng Shui Main Door / May 9, 2017

Feng Shui Friday Quick Tip - DoorbellsIn Feng Shui your front door is one of the most important spaces in your home. This area represents the mouth of Ch’i where all good energy enters your home. Or rather it’s where it is suppose to enter. If your entrance is cluttered up and uncared for, you’ll find a lot of missed opportunities and could even be attracting stagnant energy.

Anything in disrepair will equal trouble. Two weeks ago I came home to find my doorbell ringer destroyed. I suspect that after five years of afternoon sun the builder grade plastic bell just gave out. Either way I knew it needed to be repaired immediately. In Feng Shui your doorbell signifies messages. So if your bell is unable to call you to the door, how will your receive your messages? And how will new opportunities find you? Leaving it in a state of disrepair means you are portraying to the world, I am not receptive at this time and I am not open to opportunities as they come in.

Source: gatesinteriordesign.com